Bonus Stuff: The Outtake Chronicles Vol. 1

The outtake Chronicles.
How Sims Conspire Against You To Ruin Your Screenshots

It is a truth universally acknowledged that sims be wanting to destroy everything you have so painstakingly built. Lots of days I ask myself, “why do you to this to yourself?” But lately, I’ve begun asking my sims why they are actively working against my goals.

Case in point: Chapter 32

All I wanted to do was shoot a few scenes in my “university safe house” location where my characters tried to make up for being drunk idiots while killing the basilisks and have a lovely breakfast together.

As you do.

I downloaded a lovely home from the gallery, set the lot type as generic because I don’t need my sims to live there, I just need them to show up for a little bit on “filming days” and generic lots let me do what I want, like knock down walls so I can get a good angle.

But who is the hooded figure hanging out in my house uninvited?

Yes, who the actual fuck indeed?

Yes y’all. They had they had the audacity to get themselves a drink. From the juice keg. At 8:00 a.m.

They wandered around the lot like they OWNED the place, which they DID NOT because it’s a GENERIC LOT TYPE.

Also, they got in the way of every. fucking. screenshot.

And then there was Vlad, who for reasons I don’t know, kept trying to clean up the house while simultaneously kicking the trashcan over and creating more mess. Why, EA, is this the default behavior whenever I turn autonomy back on?

Nevermind, I just realized this is kind of on brand for my version of Vladislaus.

Oh and last but not least, Caleb and Vlad perpetually “showing off powers” to each other in the middle of every scene (until I remembered to turn autonomy back off).

These motherfuckers.


  • theplumbob
    September 3, 2020

    I do ‘t know, a lot of this feels like stuff they would actually do – I just imagine William rolling his eyes at all of them while this is all going on 😆

    • feroshgirl
      September 3, 2020

      LOL true. This group does tend to attract a lot of chaos wherever they go. It’s actually gotten worse with the latest patch. Every time I try to shoot a scene Sims are baking cakes or playing with those clay balls that keep materializing in their inventory no matter how many times I delete them. It’s a headache. I don’t care so much about Star Wars but I do hope the game pack comes with a fix for all these damn bugs.

  • Dolly Llama
    September 9, 2020



    … are those two different cultists? One has boobs and one has a beard, which raises more questions about your townies and their fashion sense. Or maybe they’re dressed for a cult I forgot about. Idk! That’s the upside of bingeing.

    • feroshgirl
      September 9, 2020

      They are part of the Secret cult that came with University and omfg they show up goddamn everywhere LOL. Making Vlad wear a Moschino coat was an attack on him and on myself.

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