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Bonus Stuff: Happy Halloween from Miko and Akira

Baking By Death AU.
Same Monsters, Different Universe.

BIG HALLOWEEN ENERGY y’all, this is not a drill. We are back with Miko and Akira, who are near and dear to my heart. I keep trying to have more chill about them, and I cannot. In BBD, they are a second chance romance, and it’s uh…er…complicated. But in BBD AU, they are happily ensconced in their completely revamped San Myshuno apartment. 

By the way, if you missed last week’s Halloween post with Mikel and Penny, it’s here.

It’s a quiet halloween evening…

Miko and Akira are in the kitchen, making up a plate of snacks. Their Halloween plans include Moonlight Massacre III and plenty of cuddling on the couch…only, the killer has just raised the chainsaw above their head, and what…what is that sound?

Who is pounding on the door?

And what’s up with that ominous shadow?



Scary Movie Night by Radioactive

Cooking Together by Rethdis-love

Knife by Soliriya

Scream! Poses by Flower Chamber

Bunny Ears by Lilit


The bear hat quickly became unmanageable as a costume choice for Oberon. I didn’t even know this was a thing, but of course sims become irrationally angry when they wear this hat, OF COURSE.

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