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Fangirl Valentines

An Ode to Some of the “Lits I Love”

Hello, lovelies. I decided that the best way to celebrate this day of love was to have the characters I love do a little cosplay. That’s right, your faves are out here on these streets posing as characters from other Simlits. I tried to get the vibes of each story right, if not the costumes. If you wanted to know who was lurking on your pages, zooming in like a maniac to see what kind of earrings a character had on, it was me.


P.S. – I have a whole list of Simlits I love but I couldn’t do every single one for this post. You should definitely check the rest out though! You can read it here.

Almost Eternal

Cosplayers: Vladislaus Straud/Alice Martin as Seth/Faith

How do I love this Simlit? Let me count the ways. First of all, it is straight-up bonkers, and I mean that as a compliment. Snuffybucket comes out of the gate swinging in chapter one and doesn’t let up the whole story. To steal the highest praise from Sarah Maclean: Snuffy is hunting big game. The story is hilarious, but it doesn’t shy away from the dark. Snuffy dives into topics like consent with a level of mastery I couldn’t hope to achieve on my best day. In short, Almost Eternal is the sort of thing I dream about writing, but it would probably be a lot of work, so I’m glad Snuffy’s doing it so I can just read it.

Seth and Faith are a beautiful, complicated tangle of characters. They seem just as likely to eat your heart as have a drink with you—maybe both. Suffice it to say, Vlad admires Seth’s style, and Alice and Faith would undoubtedly end up getting arrested together.

Read it here

Tales of Camelot

Cosplayer: Penny Pizzazz as Morgana Pendragon

This story. The love letter I want to write to it—sigh. It’s a supernatural King Arthur Times romp that will take up residence in your heart and live rent-free. Besides having the ability to edit killer screenshots, Yimiki has written a story that, quite frankly, slaps. The characters will have you screaming at them and rooting for them in equal measure, and the politics and plot are messy. Compellingly so. There are rarely easy choices, and it gives you the feeling of being a ruler in a complex world even as you read it from the comfort of your couch.

Morgana is, pardon my french, a total badass. Penny Pizzazz is the perfect character to cosplay her because they both carry themselves with a “fuck around and find out” energy that I just vibe with. 

Read it here

Catastrophe Theory & Haunted

Xiyuan is not using swear words. He just said the word “rain” with a slight increase in volume, and Bernard knows him well enough to know this is the equivalent of a cuss word.

Cosplayers: Morgyn Ember/William Redding as Bernard Shallot-Liu/Xiyuan Shallot-Liu

First of all, you should know my smol photo edit does not do Haunted justice. Haunted is a beautifully drawn comic, and honestly, Dolly, please do not perceive this cosplay. 

I kid, I kid. Both Haunted and Catastrophe Theory have delicious layers of jokes. They embrace the complete and utter weirdness of the game unapologetically. It’s made me less afraid to show off the weird in my own writing. Both stories make you scratch your head, laugh, and then get a little bit emotional when you realize they snuck into your heart. It’s why I love them. 

Obviously, reincarnated Bernard and Xiyuan are couple goals, and it only makes sense that Morgyn and William would portray them. They would invite themselves to a dinner party with the Martin-Strauds and Shallot-Lius, but unlike Vlad and Alice, they are likely to be asked back.  

Read it here


Cosplayer: Anastasia Barrister as Esther

Is it a bit dramatic to say a story is only as good as its villain? Maybe. But man, is Esther one heck of an antagonist. Snowbnuuy has managed to write a story with multiple large egos and difficult personalities, and the bad guy still shines without becoming cartoonish. Vitriol is a romp, which sounds like a strange way to describe trauma, magic, and interpersonal conflict. But I’m close to halfway through, and I’m having the best time. I would call Snow’s entire Magic Universe an exercise in “lore goals.” As in, I aspire to get my world-building to that level. 

Now, Anastasia had to cosplay Esther because a) I love a villain, and b) they are both complicated women who sometimes do awful things. Even though Esther is a monster, and I don’t think she’s gonna be redeemed, she’s still written with vulnerability. Silk and steel, if you will. Anastasia approves. 

Supernatural Misadventures

Cosplayers: Bella Goth & Caleb Vatore as Hailey Evans & Detective Bowen Soto

Crimes are in want of detectives to solve them. Naturally-talented, super-athletic, good-at-everything detectives? Not in this story, and I love it all the more because of that. The heroine is not a super-detective right out the gate, but she is determined, and aside from all the great comedic moments this creates, it’s heartwarming too. When I decided to give The Strauds a mystery subplot, I was mining this Simlit for tips. The mystery is fun and the side characters are 10/10. Basically, Lonecat82 is awesome.

Bella and Caleb were the perfect characters to play Hailey and Bowen. Bella definitely got Hailey’s tenacity, and like Bowen, Caleb is a grump with high professional ethics. Okay, okay, fine Caleb is a kind of a dick and so is Soto, but they are good dudes. Mostly.

Read it here

And because I couldn’t resist…

Cosplayer: Morgyn as Morgyn from “VirtrioL”, Morgyn from “Baking By Death,” and Morgyn from “THe Blackwell Chronicles”

It’s Valentine’s Day. How could you not expect me to put on my Morgyn Fan Club t-shirt and stan? Really though, it’s been one of my great joys to see how different stories approach this character. What do personality traits do they keep? How do they balance Morgyn’s charisma and cruelty? I assume that if the Morgyns were ever in the same space together, it would be the end of the world. You can’t really see it in the photo I chose, but they are all posed at a lot called “Highway to Hell” by Simoniona.

This also gives me a chance to shout out one of my most adored Simlits, The Blackwell Chronicles by The Plumbob. It’s so, so good, and it’s been a massive inspiration to me on my writing journey.


In addition to the  CC I regularly use in the game and buildings from the Fleuralia Save File, I also used the following builds and custom content:


Strange Creatures by Sciophobis

Poses with an Umbrella by Rethdis-love (umbrella by soloriya)

Like a Queen Posepack by Natalia-Auditore

Female Model Part 6 by Sciophobis

W-witch Poses by Sciophobis


“Highway to Hell” by Simoniona

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