Chapter 18: Case Closed

The Realm of the Fae


Before everything went hazy, Akira promised to help Caleb get his hands on those sealed military records, which was the reason they were standing in the palace courtyard. 

“Are you fucking kidding me with these chickens?” Akira shouted as they stepped down from the bridge.

Titania swept over from the fountain with all the grace of a queen, which made sense. She was one. “These are my therapy chickens,” she leveled her brother with a glare, “I’m divorced, and now I raise chickens. Deal with it.”

Akira’s sister did not look like she “raised chickens.” In fact, today, she was dressed in full warrior garb, which Caleb hoped wasn’t an indicator of her mood since he needed a favor. 

The fae warrior moved to shoo one of the birds, but Titania snatched it up with a look of horror. “That’s Mr. Billington, and being shooed is beneath his dignity, asshole.” 

“Asshole?” Akira exploded. “I’m not an asshole. You are out of your mind, and we are not having chickens in our fucking—“ 

Titania shot a bolt of power that knocked him flat on his back. She cupped an ear, “What was that, brother? I’m afraid I didn’t hear you.”

Akira moaned, and Titania turned on her heel, chickens clucking behind her. Caleb followed and watched as she perched on a stone bench in front of a porcelain tea tray. 

He inclined his head. “Titania.”

“Caleb Vatore,” her gaze flicked up, “Long time no see. I invited you to a party 85 years ago; you never came. And yet here you are, in my lands with my idiot brother.”

He wondered if Titania knew what he’d done to Oberon. He smirked, trying to give off the air that he was carefree. “Akira and I work together, as you know, and I can’t believe you’re still hung up on some invitation I declined a hundred years ago.”

“Eighty-five. The fae are big on manners,” she arched a brow, “A good vampire would know that.”

The fae cared for manners about as much as vampires, that is to say, only when it was convenient for silencing an enemy or drawing a boundary. He dropped gracefully into the chair across from her, never breaking eye contact, “Haven’t you heard? I’m Vladislaus’s son. I am not a good vampire at all.”

Her tinkling laugh gave way to a snort. Niceties observed; she offered him a cup of tea which he declined.

“So you’re a bad vampire, and you’re superstitious.” Her smile was devilish. “How modern.”

The tea set stuttered to life and began pouring. Caleb rested a hand on his leg, enjoying how she wielded her magic. It was different than witches, much less pomp and mysticism. “You know I’ve come for a favor?”

She took a sip. “I wouldn’t be the Queen of the Fae if I didn’t have eyes and ears everywhere.” 

“You don’t need eyes and ears. I was there when Akira called you.” He was lying with a pillow over his head and praying that whoever invented Gnome’s brew had a long and painful death, but his hearing was still good. 

She pretended to sigh, but he could read the spark of excitement in her eyes. “You want me to use some magic to help you break into a high-security military office?”


“And it’s dangerous, with a high chance of failure and the possibility of losing life and limb?”

He stood and rolled his eyes. Titania was exaggerating. Maybe it was dangerous for a mortal, but for a vampire and the Queen of the Fae? A cakewalk. “You know I’m just asking you for a run-in-the-mill favor; what will it cost me?”

Titania followed suit, hands clasped behind her in an imitation of innocence. “Nothing.”

“Everything has a cost. I’d rather define the terms up front.”

Her expression turned challenging, the metal bands on her uniform clanking as she crossed her arms. “Fine, dickhead, I want to see the gem room at the Natural History Museum in Newcrest.”

For the fae, who wielded language as a weapon alongside manners, plain speech was akin to affection. It was quite the opposite of vampires who proffered their love and loyalty with long speeches and flowery declarations. Caleb smiled, “Well, I suppose I should prepare to escort Her Majesty to the museum.” 


Trailer Song: “Human” by Rag’n’Bone Man


In addition to the  CC I regularly use in the game and buildings from the Fleuralia Save File, I also used the following builds and custom content:


Emotions 2 Tall & Short by Eclypto

Posepack 20 by Katverse

Teacher Pack #1 by Steven Studios

I Should Kill You by Natalia-Auditore

Sephiroth Pose pack by Natalia- Auditore

Drunk and Beautiful Poses by Clumsyalienn

Drinking Tea by Natalia-Auditore

Male Poses 05 by Helgatisha

Male Poses 11 by Helgatisha

Trading Gold Poses by Natalia-Auditore

Trading Single Poses by Natalia-Auditore

Soul of the Bard (Poses and Lute) by Moriel

Come to My Window by Hula-Zombie

Have Some Coffee by Starry-simsie


Mortimer Ramsey by Moriel 

Elven Armor by Moriel

Dark Elven Set by Moriel

DSF Dracula Armor Dragon by DanSims Fantasy

Seraphine Dress by Sifix


Forgotten Town by ErynWithaY0320 (this lot is gorgeous and I CANNOT express how quickly you should download it)

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  • Snow ~
    December 11, 2022

    I do love how you’ve blended the game’s mooncaster lore in so well hhhhh…I also love Caleb’s almost teenage looking sulk pose on the sofa XD And Operation Eternal Flame. I love how well the ‘official’ lore is going to blend in with yours hhhhnnnngggg. That is so fae, just staying out of it and seeing who wins if anyone : P I shouldn’t have laughed when Oberon said he was lonely, but I just… ‘Please, no-one wants to talk about my kinks anymore! Not since the MOON left me! FUCK YOU MOON! *middle finger to the night sky*’ That lute pose, is that one based on El Dorado by any chance? XD AH we get a cool video whilst Caleb is forced to sit through lutesong XD

    I love the personification of the moon so much oh my goshhhh < 3 I love this backstory and also I love seeing the Old Gods again! AND MORGYN IN GOTHIC ENBY BATTLE MODE I AM IN LOVE!!! Vitriol Trilogy Morgyn would be so jealous of this Morgyn, this is the Untamed Dragon vibe Vitriol!Morgyn could only dream of. I love this video so much and I love that that's how they were reborn as werewolves.

    Caleb's dark form spooked me, I didn't expect it at all (IDK if we've seen it before) but I love it. His 'stay calm' shell is slowly breaking off and I'm all for it. Go feral son! Go feral indeed! I wonder what fae blood tastes like? Honey? Candyfloss? : D The first shot of Caleb, and the second one of him looking down on Oberon the close up are both SO FUCKING COOL OH MY GOSH. I love seeing Caleb revel in his dark form so much. There really is nothing better than just going 'fuck it' and going feral I bet. 'I do not need two juvenile idiots measuring their cocks in my living room' I laughed so much at this because I thought the same thing XD

    i also love the shot of Lilith leaning on the windowsill threatening Akira. I'm laughing at Akira telling Caleb to hold back earlier and ready to run his sword through Darrel at the shop. Also laughed at Akira telling him he missed his head when cutting off stupid parts. XD The fake tooth switcharound was interesting, esp considering I spent ages wondering what kind of value the teeth had only to find they weren't real anyway.

    I love that raising chickens was Titania's breakup hobby. Nooo these are my emotional support chickens! Also I want to go to the Fae world. I don't even care if they make me dance until my legs snap. < 3 I already love Titania, 'fuck around find out' plus 'smoochable' vibe. The machinima was interesting, will be fun to see what terrible influences Caleb and Titania are on each other!

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