Chapter 19: Strange Encounters

Goth Summer Home, Brindleton Bay


“We just need to look in the right place.” Jacques had taken to pacing now that most of the liquor was gone. “If I had a dollar for every time I got a little slap and tickle at the drive-in and then stumbled home as the sun came up, I’d be rich. And I’m very rich.”

“There are no more drive-ins,” Mortimer replied drily.

“Then a bar or a club of some sort,” Bjorn said. “Something after-hours and full of young sims. And we have everything we need. The basement is finished. Has been since Goth’s ancestor built the house.”

“Yes, and Biffington has the recipe,” Jacques added. 

“Recipe” was said with a sneer because it brought to mind women’s work. Biffington wanted to point out that it simply meant a series of instructions, but he didn’t dare disagree. 

Mortimer had no such compunction. “This is insane,” he growled, “It was all well and good when this was just talking. I do care about tradition and maybe I was going through something so I ignored all the talk about ‘a man’s rightful place’ and whatever. But…but now you are all talking madness. I have kids and a mortgage and a—”


Bjorn cocked a gun he’d pulled from his pocket. “And a commitment to this club. Or have you forgotten? The Brindleton Bay Men’s Club of Knowledge and Knowing is tasked with acquiring and securing important knowledge at all costs. I haven’t invested millions of dollars and wasted years pretending to give a shit about old books for nothing. I was promised power, youth, and immortality, and I intend to get it.”

The room was so silent, Biffington could hear his own breath rattling in his chest as he fought to stay calm.

“O-of course,” Mortimer replied, keeping his voice light. He flashed Biffington a desperate look. “Of course, I remember. Let’s just put the gun down and have a civilized talk about it.” 


A short holiday hiatus! I’ve been swamped with work and need to build up this next batch of chapters. I have a holiday gift planned for December 25th, and then I’ll take a break for a few weeks.


In addition to the  CC I regularly use in the game and buildings from the Fleuralia Save File, I also used the following builds and custom content:

Poses & Animations

Emotional Sitting by Eclypto

Hey Girl Pose by Cassandra Grusel

Couple 09 Pose by Rinvalee

Drinking Stand Poses by Natalia-Auditore

Crazy About You Poses by Cassandra Grusel 

Gun Poses by Sewer Sims

The Drug in Me is You 4 by Cassandra Grusel

Bartender Accessory by Crystaroshsonia

Bartender Pose by Crystaroshsonia

Model 3 Poses by Starry Simsie

Seated Poses 2 by Starry Simsie

Reading Letter 3 by Natalia-Auditore

Reading Letter 2 by Natalia-Auditore

Clothing & Accessories

Top Bundle by Madlen

Top & Jeans with Leather Accessory by Darte77

Rini Boots by Madlen

Angel Numbers Tattoo Set by StarrySimsie

Wine Glasses by Quiddity

Mannequin Skin by Pralinesims

Mondstadt Furniture by Natalia-Auditore

Johnny Hair by JohnnySims

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  • Snow ~
    December 19, 2022

    Titania talking to the military guy about firing arrows was hilarious XD And his ‘uhh, we don’t really use arrows anymore…’ I also laughed at Caleb’s comment on inviting him to a ball and dancing him to death. And the ‘you flashed my vagina to the entire street!’ I’m gone XD Bloody hell Caleb, do you think the Fae of all people care to wear underwear?

    I love that Bjorn, tech billionaire, even has the typical ‘See I’m Just Like you Fucking Peasants Except I’m Not, You Are Pond Scum’ techie tracksuit to match. Now all he needs to do is buy a social site for an obscene amount of money and then run it into the ground ‘for the memes’ or whatever.

    OHhh nononono, I DO NOT WANT A BUNCH OF RICH DUDES BECOMING GODLIKE FIGURES HELL FUCKING NO. I’m not looking forward to this, and I have a feeling maybe either Caleb or Lilith may end up the potential victims of their fucked up experiments. Alluring and terrifying is a good description of the Fae and NO CALEB YOU SHOULD NOT BE WITH THE DAMN FAE for plenty of reasons. I didn’t think that doing that would get them out of it, but phew! Yes Titania, go and get your stuff back from the British- I mean, the Newcrest Museum!

    WOOOAH SHIT, so possibly (at least in theory) Salim could be a vampire too? Oh fucking hell, if so, what if the Old Weird White Dude Crew try turning him into a godlike figure instead? Don’t wanna think about it ;-; It’s so funny because to me Bjorn has always just been Some Guy in my save files, but I love this version. Funny thing is, if something like an immortality method existed you can bet it’d be some Big Tech bellend that’d kill whoever to get a hold of it.

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