The Strauds

Home is where the heart is.

(The bodies are in the basement)

The occult world’s most infamous family is in forced retirement.

After their brand of menace and mayhem gets them booted from the supernatural world, the Strauds are happy to go their separate ways. Between divorce, betrayals, and a long-standing argument over who broke the antique bust of Princess Cordelia, each member is sure they are better off on their own. But when new love interests, a mysterious ghost, and a series of grisly crimes force them back together, will they choose to fight with each other or forgive?

The Strauds is a paranormal romance/dark comedy SimLit that dives into the domestic lives of the morally gray and villainous. It features adult language, adult situations, sex, and violence. 


Ferosh is a history geek, science nerd, and alleged dragon who loves a good romance book. She’s been playing the Sims since 2000, and although NPCs constantly calling about “Journey to Batuu” infuriates her to no end, she still loves the game. She might complain, but the time she spends playing and crafting this complex fantasy universe is the price her non-neurotypical brain demands after a day of adulting.