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An Update on the Status of This Story I Swear I’m Still Writing

But where is the next chapter, tho?

Short answer: I’m working on it.

Long answer: Things are chaos. Also, hubs and I are an interracial couple who live close enough to the capitol building in our state that we are taking the FBI’s warning pretty seriously and hunkering down until after Inauguration Day. Not that we were going anywhere (whispers to self to remember the ongoing global pandemic), but trips to do things like pick up grocery delivery or drop by the post office are a serious no-no for us right now. We plan to make a final run on Friday and then stay indoors.

That should mean plenty of time to write, which I’ve been doing with mixed success. But mostly, I’m just mentally and emotionally exhausted. It’s taking a lot of my energy to manage things at work right now, and sometimes I just need to sit lay on the couch and watch 35,000 hours of Bridgerton and Doom Patrol.

I am coming down the home stretch, though! I only planned to go to Chapter 43 for this story, and I will tell you that chapters 39-41 are in excellent shape. Chapter 42 is a hot mess, but the last chapter is mostly written. I guess the easy part is knowing where you want to end up.

Screenshots are another story. Many threads are coming together, so I’ve got scenes with tons of people that are a bitch to stage. Also, I’m an insane person, and I really want to shoot one more machinima and do some fancy shit for my big plot reveal.

I’ve got a ton of clean-up I want to do on the blog in anticipation of the end of the first story (and a peculiar desire to go back and copyedit my old chapters that’s probably grounded in procrastination). Because I’m how I am, I have this burning desire to finish everything and then do a big sweeping launch—maybe even post all the chapters at once.

Chances are, I’ll come to my senses and do something much more middle of the road. Either way, it’ll be a few more weeks before I get my shit together. I’ll try to put out some bonus content I’ve been saving up in the meantime.

In the meantime, I’m plodding along, reading all your stories, and eagerly anticipating the release of the paranormal stuff pack because JUSTICE FOR BONEHILDA FINALLLLLLLLYYYYYYY.

Okay, here’s a preview shot from a future chapter with no context as penance.

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