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Back on my bulls**t (In the best way)

Happy New Year!

I mean, it’s kind of late to still be saying that but c’est la vie.

So I’ve mapped out the thing I’m now calling Season 2! Got a bunch of chapters written, doing some screenshot madness, and updates will start flowing soon.


New Blog Theme. I’m in the process of cleaning it up and knocking it into shape. My old theme was lovely but did not play nice with WordPress’s new editor. I was too crazed last year to do anything about it but 2020 is a new year y’all.

New title + a universe. I always had a big giant world in my head, but I learned my lesson from last time and decided to start small. Now I think I’m far enough along to start laying it out. Baking By Death is the first story in this universe, but I’ve got four more stories planned that are all interlocking.

Don’t be scared by the new title, it’s gonna be fine. Alice and Vlad ain’t going nowhere.

Moving some things around. I didn’t know 100% what I was doing with all my story elements so I wrote some stuff as “bonus content” that is actual integral to the story and I’ve been treating as canon when I write. I fully believe you should be able to enjoy the story without having to read my weird bonus diversions so I’m gonna make that content part of the chapter list.

(honestly, if you already read this simlit I guess it doesn’t help you. This is for the new people…that don’t exist…that haven’t actually read the story yet)

Gonna stop stressing about chapter length. Damn it if I’m not wordy! My chapters are generally around 12 or 13 pages of text before I even add screenshots. I’ll break it up into smaller pieces just to make it easier for readers who are swinging through, but I’m not going to do so much stressing in my heart. The story takes as many (or as few) words as it takes.

(Hmmm….more I guess this is more of internal change that won’t affect y’all at all. Carry on.)

I think that’s it! I am aiming to have chapters up and running again by February 8th but I might get it done earlier.

Here’s something fun for all your trouble:

Built my sims a movie studio so it would make everything easier and keep them happy and well fed over these long hours. But every time I need someone for a damn scene, they are over here fucking partying. Rude.

Why is Vlad using the punching bag? I honestly have no idea.
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