Bonus Stuff: Happy Halloween from Vlad and Alice

Baking By Death AU.
Same Monsters, Different Universe.

Well, my friends, BIG HALLOWEEN ENERGY is almost at a close. May I present to you this last vignette from Vlad and Alice. Now, I know what you are saying, where the $%!@ is a vignette from Deacon and Caleb? And do you know what I say to that?

I know.

I sketched out a storyboard and everything, but then I got really involved in renovating Straud Manor with all the new build/buy stuff from Journey to Batuu (fuck that game, but the decor objects are dope), and I ran out of time. I’m sorry! The time I should have spent on Deacon and Caleb went into building a third-floor conservatory.

Anyways, there is still BBD Character Trick-or-Treat on the 31st. And if you missed last week’s Halloween post with Miko and Akira, it’s here.

It’s a Warm halloween Morning…

Gwendolyn Barrister, whose birthday is Halloween, of course, has just stormed into Alice and Vlad’s bedroom to tell them about her plans for an All Hallow’s Eve slumber party. Panicking because even in BBD AU, Gwendolyn is a unique kid who does way better with adults, the two set about trying to make things right. They approach it exactly how the God of Death and Fear Itself would approach trying to put together the perfect slumber party for their kid: with violence and bribes.


Sleepover Poses by Atashi77

I Do poses by Atashi77

Couple Drinking by Natalia-Auditore

End of Party Pose Pack by Natalia-Auditore

Coffee Time by Simmerberlin

Lost in You by Simmerberlin

Companion Poses by RatboySims

Parent and Kid Posepack by RatboySims

In the Straud Manor Renovation I used paintings by CocoSims2245 and Catatron16. They are fabulous! Check them out. Vlad’s wings are by the fabulous Natalia-Auditore.


Here I am, minding my own business, trying to set up all these early morning shots when Gwendolyn Barrister autonomously makes friends with the monster under her bed.

  • Dolly Llama
    Nov 2, 2020

    I see she is stolen. Excellent. Excellent. Gah, this is so perfect. Gwendolyn’s birthday is Halloween because of course it is and she’s befriending the monster autonomously because of course she is and the Martin-Strauds are Addams-Family-ing it up because of course they are and this entire thing is lampshading that the child can’t invite other children to their party—essentially ruining every child’s birthday party in the game unless one parent knows their offspring’s friends—because OF COURSE.

    Does the lack of toy store in the credits suggest you made the toy store? BECAUSE I LOVE IT

    • feroshgirl
      Nov 2, 2020

      I mean, BBD is not really a gameplay inspired simlit but in the case of Gwendolyn being stolen, it totally is.

      AHHH yes the Addams Family! God I love those movies and that is so much my aesthetic.

      Thank you for getting this joke omg it is the most irritating thing about the Sims 4. Even more so than people refusing to sit down for weddings. FREE THE CHILDREN! LET THEM THROW THEIR OWN PARTIES DAMN IT.

      For once, I just used the EA lot in Magnolia Promenade! I can’t believe they made a lot that doesn’t look ridiculous.

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