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Chapter 12: Wild For the Night

Mid-Season Finale

We’ve made it crawling, clawing, dragging ourselves to the mid-way point of Season One! Hooray!

As mentioned, I’m taking a few weeks off to rest and recharge (okay, fine, and also log a few million hours of gameplay because if you think for one second that I haven’t made Vlad a socially awkward teenager, then you don’t know me at all). I’ve got some organizing and site maintenance. But I also think I need another bank of chapters before I launch into a busy fall.

Enjoy the descent. Thanks for reading. Catch you all in September <3


In addition to the  CC I regularly use in the game and buildings from the Fleuralia Save File, I also used the following builds and custom content:

Random Pack 2 Animations by Cicada Game

Cigarette Accessory by Haneco

Fight Pack Animation by Cicada Game

Sims 4 Animation Pack #2 by Sinnora Sims 4

Answers Call in Reception Area by Grindana

Fake Audience by JomSims

Animation Pack #19 by Grindana

Cry Animation by Zac Frietas

Sims 4 Animation Walk Styles #1 by Steven Studios

Scared Animation Pack by Zac Frietas

Read Book Animation Pack by Esmerald Universe

Emotional Conversations by Sinnora Sims 4

Bonehilda by virgoxsims

Song is “Mercy on My Soul” by Everlast featuring Warren Haynes

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