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Chapter 15: Good Girls Get Steak

CW: Strong language, adult situations, sexual situations, nudity, and if it was not already clear NSFW, y’all.

Ana’s Penthouse, San Myshuno


“She said I had small boobs! My own kid! Right in front of him!” Alice shouted.

Penny held the phone back from her ear. “Okay, but he’s seen your boobs. Obviously, he likes them.”

“Yeah, but he hasn’t seen my kid!” Alice wailed, “I’ve been avoiding him for two weeks, and I don’t know what to do.”

“My suggestion?” Penny caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and adjusted her lipstick. “Radical honesty.”

“Radical what?”

“Honesty,” Penny continued checking her reflection, testing out a few expressions. She didn’t want to appear too eager. “You’ve both been keeping secrets, and frankly, if you like him, there’s a high chance he’s level ten problematic, so best find out what you’re getting into now.”

“And what if he’s not problematic?” Alice sounded wary.

“He is. And if he isn’t problematic, then he’s a lunatic. I know your vibe. So put on your big girl pants, formally introduce him to the magnificent terror that is Gwendolyn, and tell him you want honesty in your relationship.” Penny nodded at her reflection as she said it. She’d worried about the jumpsuit, but it was actually perfect. It screamed “I’m a badass and not impressed by you.”

Not that Penny was doubting herself—the Pizzazzes didn’t do self-doubt. 

“Are you doing radical honesty with this mystery woman you won’t talk about?”

Shit. Sometimes it sucked to have friends who knew you well. Penny made a bunch of fake static sounds. “Uh, you’re breaking up! I’ll call you later!” 

She ended the call and knocked on the door. Ana answered in a sheer confection of an outfit that made her mouth go dry.  

“Good, you’re early,” she slid a hand to her hip, “We can toast to my excellent guest appearance on Talib Tonight.”

Straud Manor, Forgotten Hollow


Caleb collapsed on the bed in the only room that his father kept clean. It felt like a damn time capsule and smelled like an old man, but at least it had a television.

“Psychopath,” he slurred. Tossing from side to side, he managed to fish his phone out of his pocket. He fumbled with the speakerphone setting. “Matilda is not talking to fucking vampires. Which, of course, she isn’t. Everyone hates me, and Akira is interviewing her with a fucking werewolf on the force because I’m a liability.”

“Caleb?” Bella’s voice sounded far away, “What are you talking about?”

“And another thing,” he declared, after a hiccup. “My father hasn’t talked to me in over a century. We had a big fight in 1882, he was a bloody monster, and he never even tried to fix it. Fucking decades and nothing! He just up and disappeared, but not like the vampire kind, all smoke and whisps,” he made a whooshing sound with his mouth, “More like just ignoring me.”

“What do you mean? You’re not making any sense. You—” 

“And the witches!” Caleb couldn’t remember why he wanted to talk about the witches, but he went with it. “Everyone blames me for the witches, but that’s why I went to him. And he didn’t help, because he hates witches and then I was by myself.”

“I thought your sister was part witch. You father hates her?”

“He hates everyone,” Caleb slurred. The room was spinning in a way that felt deeply unpleasant. He didn’t remember if he hung up or she did but when he woke up, Bella was standing over him.

“Are you drunk?”

He sat up. “I was sad,” he rasped. “And also drunk.” He rubbed his temples, trying to clear his head. “Was I talking about my parents?”

“More like ranting,” she gave him a small smile. “You said they were complete and utter psychopaths.” 

Caleb hadn’t seen Bella out of uniform before. He forced himself to look up from the bronze expanse of her thighs. “Did you just get out of bed and come here? What time is it?”

“Four in the morning.” She shrugged, “I’ve been called out for worse things than a sad vampire.”

He stood, intending to laugh her comment off and walk her to the door, but his body did not comply. Suddenly, he was standing right in front of her, her sharp intake of breath lulling him. “Why did you come here?” he whispered.

“You seemed upset.”

“And?” Her answer was critical. He held her gaze waiting for her to form the words.

And I wanted to see you.” 

Caleb wasn’t lovesick or prone to romantic delusions like the rest of his family, but when he asked to kiss her, and she agreed, every thought he had about not falling in love flew out of his head. His hand tangled in her hair as he nipped her bottom lip, fangs urging him to latch onto her neck and drink and fuck her all at once.

She pulled back, breathless as the words, “I’m married,” tumbled out.

It should have had more effect, but Caleb wasn’t even phased by them. “I didn’t realize,” he lied. 

“I know…I should have told you.” She sounded apologetic, but was gazing at him with naked desire. “If you’re not working with Akira, I could use some help dealing with mortal suspects.”

“Right.” Caleb took his arousal and packed it in a box, tying it down until he was sure it wouldn’t burst out of him. “Of course. Let me take a shower and grab my coat.”

San Myshuno, Ana’s Penthouse


“When did you buy this place?” Penny asked, surveying the apartment as Anastasia led her down the hall. It was covered head to toe in dark, expensive furnishings that managed a vintage look without appearing fussy.

“You like it? It’s all me. Jimena decorated that awful condo, but I’ve loved this place since I bought it back in 1925,” she looked over her shoulder and winked, “I was still flush with cash from my divorce, and my ex-husband was sleeping, so I took the opportunity to get out of town.”

They stopped in the kitchen which was filled with sumptuous black cabinetry and glass doors leading out to a balcony. Penny couldn’t imagine how much it cost or how to make sense of Ana’s answer. “Are you exaggerating? How can you buy and furnish a house overnight?”

“It wasn’t overnight. You can be in a vampiric slumber for years. In his case, sixty. He was very angry.”

“Angry?” Penny did a double take, “You mean depressed?”

“Why would he be depressed? We broke up. He was furious.”

Was this bitch serious? “No one takes a fucking sixty-year nap because they’re angry. It’s called depression. Your ex-husband was sad. What happened?”

And will it happen to me?

“I did something he didn’t like, and he did something I didn’t like.”

Penny folded her arms. “That seems like the understatement of the century.”

“Fine,” Ana tossed her hair. “He did something cruel, and unforgivable. He destroyed what was precious to me, and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t wake up dreaming of his suffering.” 

Penny sighed. Were all vampires this dramatic? “Nevermind. Sorry, I asked. What’s for dinner?”

“The chef delivered the oysters an hour ago.” There was a teasing glint in Ana’s eyes. “They’ve been on ice ever since. I suggest we down them before they take a turn.”

“Oysters?” Penny glanced around the kitchen, annoyed. She hadn’t said she was a werewolf, but her craving for meat was well known. “Are you serious? No steak? Do you want me to starve?”

The vampire’s eyes darkened, her mouth curving into a downright wicked smile. “Good girls get steak.”

Suddenly, Penny was intensely aware of her own heartbeat. “Is that what we’re doing tonight?”

Please say that’s what we’re doing tonight. Have mercy and tell me what to do.  

But Anastasia was not merciful. She raised a brow, putting the burden back on Penny. “Is that what you want to do tonight?” 

Mickey-D’s, San Myshuno


Caleb read the sign on the building a third time. “Mickey-D’s? What are we doing here? I thought Bob lived in Willow Creek.”

“We can’t go to Willow Creek!” Bella threw her hands out and then froze like she was suddenly aware of her body. Straightening, she cleared her throat. “I mean, we can’t go to Bob’s house because he’s at work finishing his shift. Come on, I’ll buy you a cup of coffee and you can sober up.” 

Caleb didn’t bother to point out that he didn’t really need to sober up. It was a vampiric curse and a gift. Maybe if his hangovers lasted longer, he’d try to avoid them. 

“Here,” she handed him a piping hot cup. 

He took a sip and spit it out. Caleb didn’t have the same level of food snobbery as the rest of his family, but still. “Is this the swill mortals live on?”

She winked. “Manna straight from the great llama in the sky.”

Given the bitterness and strangely tangy aftertaste, Caleb was thinking it came from somewhere lower. Much lower.

Chuckling at his horrified response, Bella flashed her badge, and they headed into a room marked “Employees Only.” Inside, a man in a dirty apron was grabbing a bag out of a locker. He turned as they approached, expression morphing from tired to furious. “I thought I wasn’t a suspect!”

“You’re not,” Caleb said quickly, hoping to defuse the situation. “We just have some questions about your wife.”

Bob’s eyes darted back and forth between them, and he adopted a defensive posture. “W-what happened to the other guy? The surfer one? I liked him.”

Mortals were universally terrible at recognizing supernatural creatures, but some were smart enough to listen to the small voice in their heads that warned them of danger. 

“He’s sick,” Bella said. She drained the last of her coffee, a deceptively casual action. “Listen, Bob, we’re here because we need you to cut the crap, and as soon as you tell us the things you were leaving out about your relationship, we’ll leave.”

“I told you,” he began, hunching over as if he could make himself smaller. “We had issues. I’m a lazy, good-for-nothing, and we were getting a divorce. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pick my son up from daycare.”

Bella scowled, tossing her cup down. “Bob, that’s bullshit. Your wife is dead, and we’ve got reason to believe that—”

“Marriage is hard,” Caleb soothed. “There’s no shame in that. We didn’t come here to judge you or even to pick a fight. We just need to know everything so we can find out who killed her.”

His chin trembled. “She was cheating on me. What a cliche, right? Like, of course, she was. Look at me,” he gestured at his slumped frame, “I saw him once. Abs of steel, perfect hair, probably half my age.” 

“Did you find out who he was?” Caleb asked, already knowing the answer. Bob had mentioned too many details for someone who didn’t investigate the man his wife was screwing. 

“I-I did,” Bob cringed. “I poured over social media; I guess I was a little obsessed. I found him: Salim Benali, bubble-blower dealer, petty thug.” 

Bella had been keeping her silence, but now she exploded. “Why didn’t you tell us? He could be a suspect! He could have killed her!”

“What?” Bob looked ill, “He was just some deadbeat she had an affair with. I didn’t say anything because…because I still love her. Even if it was true, I didn’t think her memory needed ‘cheating wife’ added to the mix.” He dashed away tears, expression bleak, “What the hell is wrong with me? I know it doesn’t make any sense.”

Caleb put a quelling hand on Bella’s arm. He didn’t think Bob had any more secrets and frankly, her reaction wasn’t helping. “It is possible to feel many things at once. And they may all be true,” he told the sim quietly. “Thanks for the information; we’ll let you know what comes of it.” 

Ana’s Penthouse, San Myshuno


Penny cycled through a million different responses to Ana’s question. “I don’t know if I want to sleep with you,” she grumbled, “It’s hard to think when I’m starving.” She grabbed a chair and snatched an oyster, tipping her head to let it slide down her throat. The feel of it did nothing to dampen the craving growing in her belly. “There’s still a lot I don’t know about you.”

“I grew up in a small village that doesn’t exist anymore.”


The vampire narrowed her eyes, tapping her nails against her nectar glass. “I’d like to say I recall my parents, but it was centuries ago, and I was young when they died. I went to live with relatives, but they weren’t fond of having a child with my spirit, so they sent me to the local orphanage run by the Good Order Monks.”


“Heretical lunatics hellbent on wiping the vampires from the earth,” her tone was breezy. “They didn’t trust witches either, but witches seemed more like sims, so the monks figured they could wait to eliminate that particular scourge. I can’t imagine what they thought about other supernatural species. Nothing kind,” she chuckled.

Penny leaned in, fascinated. “What did they do at the orphanage?”

“Train us to be vampire hunters.”

A more insane phrase could not have left Ana’s mouth. 

“What?” she arched an eyebrow, “Does it surprise you to know I was an excellent killer of vampires?” 

She smirked, “To be fair, I didn’t start as an excellent vampire killer; I grew into it. That was the best thing about The Good Order Monks’ Home for the Training of Wayward Girls. By the time I was sixteen, I could wield a claymore easily and go days without eating.” 

Penny was so shocked the oyster she was eating slipped out of her hand and fell back into the bowl. “The not eating was a benefit?”

“It was a good skill. Vampires don’t have to eat, so it’s convenient when you’re hunting them.” 

“What sort of fucked up orphan Annie place were you in?” 

“A filthy one, despite all the chores we did,” she snorted.

It was horrifying, and yet, Anastasia looked completely unruffled. “You must’ve been sad,” Penny remarked, searching the vampire’s expression.

“Sad?” She looked perplexed. “I wasn’t sad. I mean, prayer time was boring and I broke three fingers mucking out the stalls in the winter, but I wasn’t sad.”

“Everyone gets sad,” Penny explained, striving for patience. Or maybe she was tamping down her panic? What kind of creature never felt sadness? Ana had been mortal once, was she so far removed from it that she’d forgotten real emotions? “No one goes through something like that and doesn’t feel anything. What do you feel?”

“Angry.” She grinned, “Horny.”

Okay, Penny probably deserved such a flippant response. She was stalling and if Ana broke down crying, it really would put a damper on the mood. Relieved that she wasn’t dating an actual sociopath, she stood, and tugged the vampire out of her seat. “If you’re horny, we should definitely do something about that.”

“Is that a clear, unmistakable invitation?”

Again, Penny cycled through her thoughts. She wanted this, but what did it say about her that she wanted this? What would her parents think? Her sister? What would—

No, she scolded herself. You are getting laid and you are not going overthink it. She lowered the zipper on her jumpsuit. “Yes.”

“Lovely,” Ana purred, sliding her hand around Penny’s neck. “Now be still.”

She trailed a finger up Penny’s arm, “If you don’t want to be bitten, say so now.”

Bitten? Penny angled her hips, trying to get closer to Ana’s searching fingers. Heat licked at her bones, but she felt in control of herself. Or maybe it was more accurate to say that she felt controlled. “Please.”

Slowly, so slow she almost wasn’t sure it was happening, Anastasia bit down on her wrist. Penny’s body screamed for her to run but also, to wallow in the pleasure of it.

“Again,” she whispered as Ana licked her wrist and pulled away.

The vampire was fast, tracking to the counter where she crossed her legs and wiped Penny’s plasma daintily from her mouth. “There is only one creature giving orders here, and it’s not you. If you want it again, you’ll have to earn it. Strip.”

Penny did, with an eagerness that was borderline embarrassing. When she got down to her bra and underwear, Ana stopped her.


She said yes once, did she have to say it again? Penny almost groaned. Her mother would kill her if she knew that she was hesitating like this. The entire focus of Penny’s teenage sex talk was consent, aka making sure that Penny didn’t take advantage of one of her girlfriends.

“You’re so fast,” her mother told her, “I won’t have some daughter of mine running around causing trouble and embarrassment because she can’t keep her libido under control.”

“Penny,” Ana’s voice was sharp, “Yes or no?”

Stop being like this, Penny scolded herself. “Yes.”

Straud Manor, Forgotten Hollow


“What was that thing you said to Bob?” Bella asked.

Caleb shrugged. He didn’t get it from anywhere; it was just the truth of how things were. “He needed to hear it.”

“I guess,” Bella conceded. She pointed at a wooden sign, “Who’s Christopher?” 

“I haven’t the foggiest.” Bella was paying more attention to Straud Manor than he had in decades. “My parents built this place ages ago. Since then, any number of creatures have been in and out.”

“And they make gardens?” 

“Maybe, I wouldn’t know. I don’t actually talk to them.” 

Awkwardness floated in the silence.

“I’m sorry,” she bit her lip. “Sometimes it’s hard to turn off the detective. I keep a notebook for clues and theories, but—“

Caleb spun around. “You keep a notebook? Me too.”

“I’ve always kept one,” her eyes lit up, “It helps me sort out my thoughts and figure out what dead ends to pick up.”

“Dead ends?”

“When you first hit a crime scene, every possibility is on the table. As you investigate, you start shaping those possibilities into theories. Eventually, you start to eliminate the ones that don’t work. But there’s always a point where you get stuck, so my notebook is where I try to figure out which dead end was only playing dead.”

“I might have to borrow that method,” Caleb dipped his head, “I just find that I’ve got too much in my mind because—”

“Memory is a mess of a thing,” she finished.

He nodded. Things had started out a little rough, but Bella was learning. Maybe he could be his whole self with her…eventually. “I was thinking about an old case when I called you.”


“October 1950. A group of children from the magic school in Glimmerbrook went missing. The scene was bloody, but there were no remains. It was like they vanished.”

“You don’t know my family, but they are persona non grata as far as the Magic Realm is concerned. I spent decades trying to get creatures to change their minds about me. After that case, though, they couldn’t stop looking at me like I had something to do with it. I still get hate mail. I thought—” Caleb swallowed around the catch in his throat, “I thought if anyone understood, it would be my father. I thought he could help me because…”

“Because that’s what parents do.” 

He looked away. “The manor was dark when I rode by. I wrote letters, but they went unanswered. A few years later, my sister mentioned he was playing soldier in Oasis Springs. I suppose he couldn’t be bothered to deal with me.”

“Have you ever asked him about it? Maybe something happened that you don’t know about.” 

“You have a lot to learn about vampires. My father wields half-truths like he’s wielding a sword.” Caleb ran a hand through is hair, “Anyway, it’s all long past now. Let me know when you want to track down Salim.”

“Definitely.” Bella turned to leave but hesitated. “About earlier…”

“You came to check on a colleague who was having a hard time. That’s all.”

“Right. Yeah.”

Ana’s Penthouse, San Myshuno


Anastasia couldn’t see her reflection, but it didn’t matter. She was flawless. If Penny could describe her attraction, she would say it balanced on a knife’s edge. Ana was sharp—a solid steel spine and fearless.

Penny was not fearless. Being stripped down made her nervous. She thought they would do it right there in the kitchen, but the vampire said she wanted to take her time. Savor. 

Savor what? Penny wanted to scream. She wanted the sex immediately, was ravenous for it, but savoring? That implied something slow, the opportunity for shame to be stretched out over the course of hours. Folding her hands in front of her, Penny kept her expression neutral. “The scar across my stomach is—” 

“Perfectly formed,” Ana said.

She didn’t break eye contact as she stripped off her flimsy dress, then stepped forward, sliding her thigh between Penny’s legs. “Scars are such lovely things,” Ana murmured, her hand pressed into the small of Penny’s back, shifting her thigh and the friction, holy fuck the friction

“If I would have seen you on the battlefield,” she continued, “I would’ve gloried in it. Celebrated it. Written songs about it.

A litany of praise and filthy promises followed, but Penny tried to focus on the physical. The physical was good. 

Very good. 

“I would have feared you,” she whispered, leading Penny to the bed. “Would have thought ‘what delicious mettle this creature has to survive such a thing.’

The fireplace meant Penny couldn’t get a glimpse of herself in the wall of mirrors. Did she look stupid? Was the scar everything that Ana said?

“What do you need?” Anastasia asked, drawing her attention back. 

To get the fuck out of a room of mirrors. To not be a werewolf. To be Penny again. “It’s way too bright in here,” Penny panted.  

The vampire flicked off the lights and quietly stripped off the rest of their clothes, planting kisses every couple of inches. “I can always see you,” she promised as she straddled Penny.

“Even if you do not see yourself.” The vampire held her face so gently that for a moment, Penny was completely lost.

“Say it again,” she whispered and Ana complied.

Her hand dipped between Penny’s legs and she curled her fingers, playing her like an instrument she’d been making music from for years. Centuries.


Vampires were deliberate.

Ana tracked lower and lower until Penny was begging, hands tangled in her hair, trying to draw that wicked tongue to a spot that would give her actual relief. She was a well of tension—pleasure and worry warring as she fought to stay present in her body. It wasn’t until the vampire slipped in three fingers and bit down on the tendon in her thigh that Penny finally let go, the adrenaline spike drowning out all her racing thoughts.

They sat on one of the penthouse’s many terraces, nectar and fresh plasma in glasses. Before she became a monster, Penny might’ve been skeeved by Ana’s drink of choice but now? It smelled fresh, almost enticing.

She devoured the steak. Afterward, it seemed stupid not to talk about becoming a werewolf, but Penny couldn’t bring herself to say it. “Who turned you?” she asked instead, “Your ex-husband?”

“No, although he was one of my targets. I tracked him and found he cared as little for rules as I did. I suppose that’s why I didn’t kill him. The sex was exciting, and he was helpful with hunting.”

“He hunted vampires?” Penny drew her legs up onto the chair, trying to get comfortable enough to hear the story, “But he was a vampire. That doesn’t make any sense.”

At first, Ana didn’t answer. After a long pause, she rested her chin on her hand. “Are you sure this is what you wish to speak about?”

It was better than the alternative. “If you don’t care enough about me to tell me, then I guess we can talk about something else.”

Ana sighed, something flickering in her expression that Penny couldn’t parse. “Fine. Then this is a conversation for bed.”

“Vladislaus was an equal opportunity killer,” she began, as they laid down, “A mercenary willing to go after anyone for any price—well, almost anyone.” Bitterness colored her tone. “The job I wanted was taking out a vampire council member. I was sure we could do it together, but all he did was warn me that it would mean open war and said he had no interest in it.”

Penny slid an arm under her head, “Why?”

“Because she was ancient and powerful, and all those years we were hunting, he was saving his bounties to have babies and settle down.”

“Babies?” Penny made a face, “Gross. I like my friend’s kid, but that’s about it.”

Ana smiled. “They are gross. Although I should tell you I do have two children. Is that going to be a problem?”

Fuck yes! Penny had no intention of becoming a parent. And then there was the issue of Ana’s ex. “You have kids with Jimena?” Penny sat up. “I don’t want kids, and I’m not getting involved in some complicated custody dispute.”

“Calm down,” Ana waved a hand. “I don’t have children with that twat. My ex-husband and I adopted two mortal children. Stole them, really. They’re vampires now and quite self-sufficient.” 

Did she ever think about what came out of her mouth before she said it? Penny shook her head, “I don’t understand. You just said you don’t like children and you hate your ex.”

“Sometimes you save each other.”


“The vampire who turned me was named Miko Ojo. She was the council member and despite Vladislaus’s warnings, I went after her. I got in over my head and woke up in the chapel in the orphanage. I thought I was recovered, but I was ravenous. Overly strong.” She pursed her lips, “I craved plasma. By the time I realized what was happening, it was too late. I turned into a vampire inside a house full of vampire hunters.”

Penny drew a sharp breath, “How did you escape?” 

“He came for me, that son of a bitch.” There was no heat in her words. In fact, her tone was tinged with affection. “I made some kills, but mostly I was pathetic. Too unaware of how to use my new body or powers. He and his brother and cleared the room. Took me somewhere to patch me up. Young vampires are still vulnerable to dying.”

Penny reached over, gently brushing her arm. Maybe this was why Ana pretended to be so tough. Deep down, she was humiliated. Penny would be too.

“He went after her for me,” Ana continued, eyes slightly glazed as if she were deep in thought. “You don’t know him, but even at just a few centuries old, he was a beast. And yet, it took Miko three minutes to put him down and then she kept him like a pet for centuries.” She turned, grabbing Penny’s hand to press a kiss to her palm. “That’s why I married him. And that’s why I adopted two screaming brats. I don’t like children and don’t want any more of them. But my children belong to me.” 

It was too much. How could Penny compete with an ex-husband who literally killed Ana’s monsters? And her kids were probably centuries older than Penny, which was a complete mindfuck. Didn’t werewolves and vampires hate each other? That’s what the internet said. What if Ana’s kids hated Penny’s guts?

“I’m a werewolf,” she blurted out, jumping to her feet. “And I destroyed your condo in a rage that I barely remember.”

“I know,” Ana replied, “I’ve been waiting for you to get past your denial. I hired a teacher to help you through your transition.”

“A werewolf teacher?” Penny reared back. Her eyes began to warm as she thought about how much of a psycho she must’ve been for Ana to take this step. “Are you expecting me to pay you back?”

“How?” the vampire scoffed. “Have you recently come into a fortune I’m unaware of?”

The guilt Penny was feeling teetered over into anger. “You’re an asshole. Why would you do this for me? Didn’t you hear me? I destroyed your condo, and I’m a wolf. We are enemies and I probably owe you a million dollars.” 

“I wish that place was worth a million dollars,” Ana laughed. “I’m flattered by your jealous and destructive tendencies, and I own many houses. You can destroy them all if you like. I’ll give you a key.” 

“Fuck off,” Penny growled. “I am serious. I don’t know why would you do this for me when I can’t give you anything back.”

“I don’t expect payment,” the vampire rolled her eyes, “Hiring them was half the fun. Now you’ve asked me enough questions for the night. I have one for you. Do you dislike being a werewolf?” 

The room felt tight. Too tight.

“It’s fine,” Penny said, heading for the door, “Where’s the bathroom? I need to take a shower.”

Straud Manor, Forgotten Hollow


Bella came with a keening cry and fell back on the bed. After a few minutes, Caleb realized she was sleeping, which made sense, she’d been up with his drunk ass since 3am. He wasn’t sated, not by any stretch, but he let her rest while he turned on the TV.

If he was alone, he would have screamed. 

Some vampire in a yellow dress, that’s what Baako said. Caleb watched in stunned silence as his mother glided across the screen, joking and smiling with the host, Talib Tabley. He didn’t even need to look at the air date of the broadcast to know, the name was already echoing in his mind:

Nina Caliente.


Trailer Song: “Things I’ve Seen” by the Spooks

(I know it says, “whose telling the truth?” which is grammatically incorrect. Please don’t @ me. I didn’t notice until after I finished the video, and there was no way I was going to remake it. If you’ve ever had the experience of timing video clips to drop zones in Final Cut, you’ll understand. Just pretend you don’t see it and enjoy the vibes!)


In addition to the  CC I regularly use in the game and buildings from the Fleuralia Save File, I also used the following builds and custom content:


Phone Poses (Standing Version) by evieduraine

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Sims 4 Pose Pack 1 by ClaraAmy

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Wildflowers Pose by Something Wicked Sims

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