Chapter 21, Part 1: King’s Gambit

Content Warning: Although it’s not explicit, there are references to domestic violence and child abuse. Basically, this chapter gets a little dark, but the comedy returns soon, I promise!

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Magic HQ, six months ago

When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightning, or in rain?

First Witch, Macbeth

L. Faba ran her hands along the bookshelf in her study. Besides books, it was packed full of wands, candles, and small treasures that had, on occasion, brought her a brief spark of joy in her long life.

She turned, catching a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror: pink hair and a pouty mouth. Pale, but not too pale for this particular century. Waving a hand, she gave herself a new set of earrings.  


Some in the supernatural community made the mistake of thinking that the Sage of Mischief Magic was vain. Not that it bothered her. Vanity was fun! And anyways, no one who made that mistake was around anymore.  

“Do you remember the grand wedding of Princess Cordelia?” she mused. “It was in the castle by that dreadful university. Had those lovely little cakes?”

“Wedding? You are getting sentimental in your old age, L. Faba, dear,” Morgyn tutted from their place lounging on the sofa.

The Sage of Untamed Magic was dressed impeccably, as usual. Today they had the look of a rakish duke—well kept but looking for trouble.  

“Sentimental? For shame, Morgyn!” L. Faba exclaimed with mock severity. “You met your lover, Aurelius, there, did you not?”

“A lover,” Simeon corrected with a frown as he materialized by another bookcase. “They met a lover. One of many. Our Morgyn is never content.”

Simeon, who looked plain by comparison in his earth-tone robes and brown boots, spoke of Morgyn’s dalliances with disapproval. The Sage of Practical Magic had exactly three interests: obtaining knowledge, gardening, and the proper conduct of witches. He had been mortal before, and the other two Sages (though they rarely said so) felt he fairly reeked of it.  

“My darling, Simeon,” Morgyn drawled with a swish of his nectar glass, “Whatever shall I do without your constant stream of esteemed opinions?”

“Children,” L. Faba warned, “Focus.” 

“Do you think it’s a good idea, really?” Simeon asked, his tone indicating that this was barely a question and he did not, point in fact, think it was a good idea.

“There is no good, only necessary,” L. Faba replied with a shrug.

Morgyn waved a hand dismissively. “And anyways, we are out of time, Simeon.” 

“Yes, but him. Is he a good idea? Vladislaus Straud? You can’t possibly think—“

“No one has heard from the God of Death in over a century,” Morgyn sniffed. “You’ve seen his earlier choices—the creatures he brought in, claiming they could carry the responsibility of godhood. Stinking, selfish, drunk wretches the whole lot of them. We could not reason with him!” 

“We have failed, but that failure has been instructive,” L. Faba noted. 

Simeon gave a huff of displeasure and crossed the room. L. Faba followed, putting her head on his shoulder. He bristled at the intrusion into his personal space but held his tongue. 

“Desperate times call for desperate measures,” she cooed.

 “Salvation comes in many forms,” Morgyn added, coming to stand behind them.

“He will be difficult to control,” Simeon pointed out.

“Difficult, but not impossible. Vladislaus is not without…weak spots,” L. Faba smirked. 

Ominously, the lights chose that exact moment to burn out, plunging all three Sages into darkness. Slowly, they flickered back on, but they were dimmer.

L. Faba sighed and rolled her eyes. “For the love of magic, can someone please go see about another battery?”

  • Dolly Llama
    Feb 11, 2020

    Ok, a couple questions about the lore. As someone who doesn’t do occults, and so doesn’t have the vampire or magic packs… L. Faba? Really? Who’s in charge of naming the premades? And two, the lights in magic-ville run on batteries?!

    Very ominous…

    • feroshgirl
      Feb 12, 2020

      LOL Right?!?! The names in those packs are wild. Sometimes I think about making up a name, but the sims provides such hilarious fodder, I don’t even try anymore.

      Very ominous indeed 🙂 ::cackles evilly::

  • theplumbob
    Jul 8, 2020

    So I was going to take a break before dovong into season two, but then I went “nah” 😂

    I like your portrayal of the sages. It’s very close to how I see them acting, so much so I wondered if you were me for a moment there haha! Though I always replace Simeon and L. Faba with “upgraded” versions more similar to the way they looked in the trailer – they did them so dirty in the actual game.

    Vlad’s story was so heartbreaking. Poor Vlad. He cared for his little family so much 😭 Also, just a moment of additional appreciation for William for that quiet advice he gave Vlad. Oh man. I love William!

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