Chapter 23: The Making of Anastasia Barrister




Anastasia didn’t think of herself as a mother with a second sense. She thought of herself as a mother who barged into her children’s lives whenever the feeling moved her, and she was usually right that they needed it. From the moment she arrived at Lilith’s house, she could tell something was off. The entire place reeked of magic.

Lilith sat on the couch, reading a book, but she jumped up as soon as Ana appeared. “Mother!”

Ana frowned at the mess, including the many empty nectar bottles. “Why aren’t you sleeping?”

“I…I am sleeping,” Lilith’s eyes were wide. “This is just a very good book.”

It was never a good sign when Lilith lied. She relished making everyone uncomfortable with the details of her life. If she clammed up, it was a problem. “It’s beneath you to tell falsehoods,” Ana admonished.

“I’m not!”

“You are.”

Magic sparking from her daughter’s fingertips so erratically it nearly burned the furniture. “I am not lying. I’m not tired; I’m fucking fine. Why are you here?”

To be lied to, apparently. Ana smothered a sigh. If things were this bad, she would have to call Vladislaus. Her ex-husband was the devil, but he was also the only one who could deal with Lilith being magically overcharged.

Ana pressed a finger to her lips. Maybe she’d get lucky, and a bolt of lightning would surge through his cell phone and electrocute him.

“Mother? Are you listening? If you don’t have a real reason for being here, then get the fuck out!”

Pulled out of her fantasy, Ana refocused. Nothing distracted Lilith like gossip. “I had a fight with my girlfriend,” she announced, “She asked me a series of confounding questions about feelings, and I need to talk about it.”


Song: “Desperado” by Rihanna. Additional VFX and SFX from Envato Elements & Footagecrate.


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Young Padawan Poses by Atashi77

Kidnapped Posepack + Acc by Natalia-Auditore

Vampires & Books by Natalia-Auditore

Brutal Female 2 Pose Pack by Natalia-Auditore

Healer Lady Pose by Natalia-Auditore

Female Vampire Floor Attack by Natalia-Auditore

Reading a Letter by Natalia-Auditore

40 Talking Idles Part 2 by Steven Studios

30+ Talking/Idle Mega Pack by Steven Studios

Pack #9 by Sova Sims

Daily Couple Pose 13 Fight by qianq-q

Drunk Tonight Poses by Siimplysims

Naptime Poses by Katverse


Nun Habit with Headdress by Medieval Sim Tailor & Carpenter

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Everyday Medieval Dress by HistoricalSimsLife

Sims Medieval Outfit Conversion by Valhallan

Medieval Conversions 1 – Male by screamingmustard

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Valeria Shoes by Madlen

Perla outfit by Madlen


Medieval Monastary by ParadiseBeach90

Medieval Witch’s Castle by suruli0309

  • Yimiki
    Jun 4, 2023

    That monk school set is gorgeous! I love the garden in the middle 😮 oof, talk about spartan punishments. Though I highly question teaching the kids you’re abusing… sorry, I mean educating… to be able to hold weapons almost their size. That’s just asking to get stabbed later, dear nuns 🤔

    Mad points for Luna for not running away screaming 😮 she really does have some balls! Whoa! WAIT WHAT. WHAT DO YOU MEAN “WHAT IS BLOOD” 😂🤣

    A surprisingly romantic gesture from Vlad. Well, maybe not so surprising, actually. We’ve seen him do the same thing for Alice and Gwendolyn with the playroom. Gestures like that seem to be his thing. 😊

    Be drunk and make bad decisions, huh? Why don’t you get Ana started on something more simple, Luna? Like a foosball game or a game of darts? Or juice pong! Yes! That’s a good start 😆 Aww, she’s taking care of Luna. Even making sure she’s taken care of in the morning, though via questionable means, lol. I wonder how long it will take before she admits to herself that she does, indeed, have both a heart and feelings.

    Loved this chapter. So much softness and reveals from Anastasia. I’ve completely warmed up to her, aww.

  • Snow ~
    Jun 4, 2023

    I love the intro screenshots so much < 3 I already want to slap the shit out of this nun LMAO. woop Ana, join the Very Rarely Crying club! Isn't it fun? The AFAB joy of being told you're too emotional, shutting them all off, and then being told you're a robot or a psycho or a bitch? CAN'T WIN

    URGHHH I aboslutely love this description of early days (I assume) vampirism SO FUCKING MUCH. It seems so odd seeing Anastasia at her more vulnerable. Omg classic CV. 'I am a hard working individual with good time management skills' who is late every single day and quits by email in a week XD ' can handle anything you throw at me.' No lovely, you can't. This is Anastasia motherfucking BARRISTER.

    I love all of these old timey shots so much < 3 and the William / Vlad banter. I do love seeing old-timey Ana pipe up, and new Ana slowly come in to the picture. Playing pretend-drunk juice pong is the last place I see Anastasia being XD Poor Luna's in over her head.

    Oh damn, yeah, safe to say both you and Manny put me off of Jacques Villareal, I don't blame her for not wanting to go home. LMAO I loved Ana's good-night methods there.

    HOLY SHIT THE LAST FEW SHOTS OF THE VIDEO TRAILER…I'm glad I can catch up right away!

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