Chapter 23: The Secrets We Find

The Old Barn


Windenburg Countryside

The Old Barn was not supposed to be the sort of place that gave up secrets easily. In 1862, when Old Man Fyres first constructed it, the red paint was meant to be an omen, a warning to all who approached: 

Here be Old Man Fyres’ grain and hay, don’t ye dare fuckin’ steal it.

The color, of course, had the opposite effect. It drew attention, making any who wandered by curious about its contents. Eventually, Old Man Fyres realized that the only proper deterrent was him standing just inside the doors holding an axe that was dripping with the plasma of the last sim who tried to sneak in. 

This was how the Old Barn got its reputation: look, but don’t touch.

No one in the barn tonight had heard that story, though. Or if they heard it, they didn’t believe it.

Laughing, they gathered more pieces of metal, plants, and anything that shimmered. 

So enamored of their bounty were they, that they didn’t hear the click of the light-switch until it was too late. 

As per usual with the Old Barn, the threat was coming from the inside.

Everyone who could—who was left—scattered after getting that first flash of green skin.

Though a few gave chase as it bounded up the hillside, towards the In Between Inn.

At that point, they stopped and whispered to each other. There was no use following if this was where the creature was headed. Everyone knew that just because you could see something, didn’t mean it was there. 

  • Dolly Llama
    Feb 26, 2020

    Oh yeah, now I’m seeing the Hufflepuff/Slytherin thing. Vlad complaining that no one writes letters anymore—that’s the good stuff. But if she wrote a letter, Vlad, you’d get it three or more days later. Then what? C’mon man.

    Ben’s my favorite now, bringing the sass. There’s a lot of special effects in this chapter, from the simray to the presumably custom (? Idk I don’t do the vampire or magic packs) bow and arrow. I’m looking forward to how you make all these different supernaturals interact with each other in unexpected ways.

    • feroshgirl
      Feb 28, 2020

      Thanks! Oh the Simray comes with Get to Work (I think, don’t quote me). The bow and arrow is cc by Natalie-Auditore. LOL I 100% downloaded the wrong combo of files which is why he randomly holding the arrow instead of firing it, but you know know, it be like that sometimes LOL!

      Oh Vlad. Will he ever learn? Maybe 😉

  • theplumbob
    Jul 9, 2020

    I love the interactions between Vlad and Caleb. Their relationship is so complicated, but very believable. And lol at Vlad expecting to simply have Alice’s number. He’s hilarious.

    Things are not going great for Alice so far haha. I’m curious about the geography in your story. So Windenburg is near Forgotten Hollow, correct? And Granite Falls is in the same country, I think?

  • Ninja Pink Sex
    Sep 7, 2022

    LMAO nothing says, pay no attention to this (barn) like painting it bright red lol.

    The aliens have landed, and gone on a brief killing spree! God in heaven!

    I bet it took a lot of courage for Vlad to admit he couldn’t do something (text).

    LOL, Alice Martin, for the next half-day or so, Ben will be too busy to invade your thoughts, what do you want to do: Go to the library!
    See, I’d be like WOOHOO! ALL THE WOOHOO!

    Ahhhh! Alice. Well I guess THIS is what happens when you snarkily type into Google what Ben says. So much for The Shady Inn.

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