Chapter 28, Part 1: Who Broke It?

Is it Season Finale time already?

Indeed, it is my little darlings, and it’s a two-parter. So, if you haven’t been keeping up with the wild adventures of this merry band of lunatics, turn back now and catch up because spoilers abound. But mostly, I just wanted to thank you all for reading and sticking with me, and I promise not to abandon this story because of my growing obsession with Baldur’s Gate 3. Vlad would never allow such a thing.

Alright, buckle up. The finale starts now.

— Ferosh

The Big Sleep Jazz Club



It was freezing outside, but the bar was full of sims pressed together, dancing, laughing, making their own heat. Ages ago, before the mantle of fate was placed on her shoulders, Miko enjoyed nights like this. 

But those days were long gone. Now, the only thing she could think of was safety and apocalypses. Or rather, this apocalypse—the one that threads binding the universes kept warning her was not what it seemed. 

She felt it in her bones. 

This time was different. 

Shaking off the bad feeling, she approached the couches in the corner, surprised to find a singer serenading Somnus and almost no one else. 

It wouldn’t do to ask for privacy. The God of Sleep was a dangerous being to ask for anything. He could fashion your question into a fantasy and just as easily change it to a nightmare if the mood suited him.

“I need a place to stay,” she said. 

Somnus leaned back, his legs crossed as if he had not a care in the world. “And how long until the God of Death figures out you’ve escaped from her prison in Tarturus and comes banging on my door?”

Lilith’s House



Lilith’s greeting when Alice showed up at her door was curt. 

“I am already doing your bidding; what else could you possibly need from me?”

Our bidding,” Alice corrected, wishing Vlad was awake and available to help with this part. “It’s not just me. And I’m just dropping by because we need to talk.” 

“Indeed we do,” Lilith folded her arms, “What are your intentions with my father?”

“Excuse me?”

“If you plan to leave him and break his heart, you might as well just admit it now so I can kill you and get it over with.” 

Alice had driven here along back roads, dodging suspicious vehicles and ignoring all the college students complimenting her “rad” tattoos because she thought telling Vlad’s daughter this face-to-face was important. Maybe Lilith would even respect it. “My intentions with your dad are that I love him.”

“Even though he’s been married to—”

Alice cut her off, trying not to show her disappointment. Latimer warned her this wouldn’t be easy. “Whatever you’re about to say, I’m not gonna answer because as much as you seem chill”—this was a lie, Lilith did not seem chill at all— “I’m never gonna talk to you about me and your dad’s personal shit.” 

A look of surprise flitted across her face. “B-but he doesn’t love you.”

Vlad’s daughter wasn’t just rude as hell; she was delusional. Still, Alice tried to summon some empathy from…somewhere. “Lilith, your dad can love more than one thing. He doesn’t want to abandon you, but there are lots of things vying for his attention, and yes, I’m aware that one of those things is me—”

“Well, at least we agree on the problem.”

Threats are a language, Alice reminded herself. “We’re temporarily relocating, but I’m hoping you can come spend time with your dad once he’s—”

“Oh, I see, so my father won’t be doing what he promised and coming to Brindleton Bay.”

“Lilith, you’re aware of the situation we’re in. We—”


Alice closed her eyes and breathed deeply. “He can’t go galavanting around while someone is trying to kill him—”


How? How did Vlad do this and not lose his ever-loving mind?

“Alright,” Alice slid her sunglasses down. “That was a freebie, but I come from a long line of women who are not in the business of taking anyone’s shit, so this little attitude you have stops now. You’re a grown-ass woman, Lilith. Plans change. You can either be flexible and come visit your dad and maybe, just maybe, get a chance to hear about how I can cast my consciousness into a bunch of shambling zombies. Or you can keep being difficult, and I keep my death magic to myself.”

“You can do that? I mean, I don’t care if you can,” Lilith replied quickly. “I suppose I could come to you; that sounds…mildly interesting.” 

“Cool,” Alice shrugged. It wasn’t an enthusiastic agreement, but a win was a win. “And I think we should set a few ground rules about how we communicate.”  

“I don’t like rules.”

“Yeah,” Alice sighed. “That sounds about right.”

  • jolene_jolene
    Sep 17, 2023

    Hey Ferosh,
    It’s nice to see that you have recovered from covid. (I haven’t read this at time of writing, so expect a large comment in reply to this; but in an hour because I’m in class… shhhhhh)

    Myself: immediately sees email notification; opens up outlook; yea new chapter
    Me: inwardly cries because “part one”

    Also: “because spoilers abound” hmmmmmm I couldn’t guess… and Vlad would *NOT* let you abandon him (and everyone else, but him mostly…)

    • jolene_jolene
      Sep 18, 2023

      Ok, so much for an hour. I apologise for how jumpy it is. I’m going through the chapter again and writing this. Also not sure if my WordPress account is working but you know who it is.

      Everyone in the jazz club look so different… Miko and Somnus and the like. I get changing hair and all that but even their faces look different.

      Lilith is acting cute. “… so I can kill you now and get it over with.” How sweet! What a step-mother and daughter bonding moment! Also, confused because Alice has sunnies on to hide her eyes, but doesn’t but a high shirt on to hide her silver spiderweb… I mean the average idiot might think that it’s a tattoo, but…

      Since when was Miko promoted? “I’m not a thread. I’ve had a promotion, as you well know.” She must be overworked, being the one and only Fate…

      What does Lilith have against Ben and Grim? I mean, they’re a pain in almost everyone’s ass, but, seriously? And *then* making them go find and seek? HOLD UP GRIM HAD A HUSBAND??? (Never though he’d be gay) Also, never realised that Ben had sharp teeth..

      Gwen is too cute… no seriously, if she was a kid I’d legit steal her. Hmmm “Gwen was in rare form.” Did she squeal or scream or something? Wait, why does Alice need to hunt? After her new-found “dead form”? And please excuse my horrible memory, but why are they fleeing?

      What’s with grandma? She seems… awful. She can *TELEPORT* but she makes Akira bring up her suitcases. AND THEN she throws him out of a window. Of course she does. Also, I love Titiana. *examines nails while her brother threatens to fight grandma*

      I just realised that Somnus’ moustache is black and his hair is white blonde… Ok, if my memory serves me, SOL is the goddess of sound. She shattered the universe? That’s… impressive, let’s put it that way.

      Ok, Vlad is possessive. We know that. And I’m afraid to ask what that illicit card game was, and why it was *illicit.*

      I completely forgot that Alice “died.” Still don’t get that. My mind is still chugging on, thinking about BBD lore. And the fact that the murder lady was security when Alice was arrested is the absolute CHERRY on top. Hold up… ascension container? Ooooooooo

      *gwen being cute alert* “Gwen big girl, she help!” Since when was Vlad so nice?! Tells her to watch all the Voidcritters, and could be like the bestest dad ever if he’s like that every day.

      Milk pulled on a bra; that basically said that she never had one one, or took it off! Aaaaaa I do not want that in my brain!! “Every thread that runs through me is screaming it. Everything is tangled,” so Miko is admitting that it’s too much! Called it. And Somnus dreams of universes? Well, it would make sense given that he’s the god of sleep… freaky though.

      Huh. That was long.

      • feroshgirl
        Sep 18, 2023

        Oh I LOVE this comment. I’m absolutely delighted. Let me see what I can answer and what things you’ve sussed out that I can’t answer because its coming later hehe.

        First of all, you have a good eye! I gave Miko and Somnus a makeover before I shot this chapter. EA really did them dirty in their design and I am CLEARLY devoted to making everyone a thirst trap so I had to make adjustments. Miko in particular seemed designed on purpose to make her more “kawaii” which…gross. I’ve been slowly but surely updating everyone for Season 2. I don’t think it’ll be anything too drastic, but I got better skin details and finally learned how to actually use the sliders in CAS.

        Hahaha thank you for loving Lilith. Her conversation with Alice is completely unhinged, but she is protective of her dad. And yeah, Alice is just going with the “its a tattoo,” vibe. For me, its a nice way to signal who she finds trustworthy. If Alice is showing off her full form, she’s probably pretty comfortable…

        Ah yes, Miko’s promotion. The three Fates retired at the end of BBD—they literally snipped the Threads binding them to the Universe and left Miko to pick up the pieces (which I’m sure is *fine* and didn’t screw anything up at all). As for whether she is the one and only Fate? Well, there are definitely three Fates and there are clues in this final chapter even if they other two have not been named…

        YAS to Ben’s sharp teeth finally getting the attention they deserve! And yeah, in the BBD universe Grim fell in love with a zombie named Deacon and they did get married, although this happened “off-camera,” so it’s not something you missed. Don’t worry, you’ll get more of them and their story in Season 2. I cannot wait for the insane romance tropes I’m going to put them through.

        TBH almost everyone’s sexuality in my story is vibes.

        ABSG = ALWAYS BE STEALING GWENDOLYN. Honestly, she is the best. And she was screaming bloody murder when Alice and Vlad came home from the battle in the woods which is not great if you’re a vampire with excellent hearing and sensitive ear drums like Vlad. Alice died in the woods fighting that military force (Chapter 26 I think) and as for what she is or what she survived it? Well, I’ll tell you that Caleb is on his way to get answers so you’ll find out more in Season 2…

        GRANDMA IS A QUEEN. I feel like Titania has a lot of her same vibes. I’ve got some scenes with the two of them in Season 2 and I cackled the whole time I was writing it.

        Yes! You remember Sol! I’m sure someone who has the power to destroy an entire planet with the strength of her song nothing to worry about ::looks directly into camera::

        lolololol calling out the God of Sleep for clearly dying his hair


        Vlad is a total and absolute softie when it comes to his kids. And Gwendolyn has had him wrapped around her little finger since the day they met. I mean, is he also a complete monster, unrepentant murder, with an unhealthy co-dependent relationship with the rest of his family including his adult children? Yes. And let me tell you, it’s been fun to write him navigating all of this.

        LOL I like the idea that Miko just rolled out from prison in the Underworld with no bra. And you are absolutely right, she is in over her head.

        As for Somnus…well…let’s just say that God of Sleep has many secrets…

  • jolene_jolene
    Sep 20, 2023

    Hey Ferosh,

    I made a realisation in the middle of the night, so I apologise for the fact this is coming three days later. I also couldn’t reply to your comment so, you understand.

    I didn’t realise the fates disappearing would affect all universes. Like, I’m confused because the gods in BBD universe have teleported themselves over to the Strauds, but… ok? That kinda makes sense, I just didn’t realise that there were THREE fates for, I dunno, a thousand universes…

    • feroshgirl
      Sep 21, 2023

      Cue my evil laughter! HAHAHHAA omg yes I’m thrilled you spotted it. The Fates wear many faces and may even hop from body to body, but there are only ever three.

      Or at least…that’s what we’ve all been told 😈

      Ok now I’m really going to hush up because you will have me revealing secrets!

      • jolene_jolene
        Sep 24, 2023


        Ok, you may hush up for now… but spill it. More or less than three? I’m going to take a bet on more… (that would explain how Miko was absoultely wrecked being the one and only fate for a thousand universes)

        Also didn’t check this in a while because for some reason I don’t get emails for you replying.

  • Yimiki
    Sep 26, 2023

    Season finale time! Season finale time! 🤩

    Miko, aren’t you the one that keeps messing with things to begin with? Wasn’t that a thing? Or did I misremember that? I might have misremembered that. But I do distinctly remember having a lot of anger towards her last time around, and not just because of how she was treating Akira. Hmm….

    Oof, Alice’s talk with Lilith is a tough one alright. She seems to be projecting a hell of a lot, too. Lilith, I mean. That “but he doesn’t love you” and her being convinced that Alice is a problem say enough. Alice handled her like a champ xD

    Yes, I would also very much like to hear about Akira! Go Somnus! Words I’ll probably end up eating before too long, but still!

    Bwahahaha omg their heads on the shelves like that, still talking 😂
    [“I think she’s insufferable and needy, and she’ll ruin my father’s life.”] 🪞.🪞.🪞.🪞.

    Gwendolyn wanting to pack Vlad and nothing else is the cutest thing ever <3 To be fair, Latimer, Vlad’s only been up for 5 seconds. Packing in 5 seconds is a big ask even for a vampire 🤭

    Miko and Somnus’s conversation is going way over my head, but it sounds all kinds of perilous. And full of double meanings. Yikes.

    A casual mini-heist in between moving plans? Heck yes! Easy. What’s the worst that could happen?

    [“I don’t see anything after this. It’s…it’s like the worlds have been devoured, and there’s not a speck of anything left.”] Yes, the shadow of Baldur’s Gate will do that to you, Other Games 🤭 on a more serious note, didn’t Ben happily say earlier that they “obfuscate”? Like, the exact same thing? Does that make Ben and Grim the Fates? And who’s the third… Alice? Her deadbeat ex-partner? Is that why they keep mentioning a container of Ascension? 🤔 Gah, need more info. Not enough data. Onward!

  • SirianaSims
    Sep 26, 2023

    Gods… can’t make deals with them, can’t live without them. Or so they want you to think.

    First of all YOU MADE IT TO THE FINAL STRETCH! Yes, this is a two-parter, but you can see the finish line, and I know you have so much good stuff in store for Season 2, so I am HYPED.

    I love Miko’s new look, less bubblegum and more bad bitch. And Diego, I mean Somnus’, new look. Honestly, I love everyone’s looks, and I am probably missing a shitload of things because I still haven’t read BBD even though I totally should, but like, the brain goblins keep distracting me and… wait, where was I? Right, the finale!

    “What are your intentions with my father?” is hilarious, Lilith may think she’s being clever and reversing the roles and being protective of her poor dad, but she’s being a spoiled brat and SOMEONE needs to set her straight. As straight as anyone ever is in this universe, at least.
    (I do love her “I don’t like rules.” Truly Vlad’s daughter.)

    I’m really into Somnus and Miko’s interactions. There’s something very American Gods (which is highest praise, you know my love for Neil Gaiman) about the careful dialogue, neither trying to show any weakness or give the other the upper hand, and the very human needs like having a place to stay despite being such a powerful being. I am also into the hint at some sort of love triangle drama. Sorry, Miko, but I think this Akira is over you. He has someone he needs to set straight 😈

    A million paragraphs of appreciation for the Ben/Grim scene. I was laughing so hard. So many hilarious but also horrifying lines like “The Reaper thought stumbling through a field while having his appendages sliced off randomly was a stressful experience.” 😂😂😂
    Lilith is a threat, truly, but this was not what I expected after her terrifying display back when she told Gwen she’d keep an eye on the babysitters. This is pure Straudcore shenanigans and I am here for it!

    Ben is SUS. He obfuscates. He knows they’re exactly where they’re supposed to be… so that things unfold like they… should? I SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING TWIN

    “Mommy, I pack Monster! I all done!” BE STILL MY HEART. Gwendolyn is the best character, anywhere, and I would steal her if I could.

    Of course Vlad would use the word “penchant”. I can respect that, one word nerd to another. And also he may have trauma and he may not really need sleep, technically, but I think it’d do his little autistic head some good to turn it off more often, so I’m Team Alice on nap time!

    [“Quit shouting, or you’ll wake up Grandma before it’s time!” the Queen of the Fae shouted.
    “I am not fucking shouting!” Akira shouted in response.]
    This. This is how you tell someone everything they need to know about the Fae and their interpersonal relationships. Perfection. I am so proud! 😭
    I love the banter here (and grandma also shouting!) and how utterly out of his element Caleb is. Serves him right, he needs to shape up to get with Titania. SHE IS THE QUEEN AND DON’T YOU FORGET IT YOU HIMBO
    “examining her nails as if the sight of her brother nearly falling to his death was a regular occurrence” To be fair, considering his exit from Lilith’s window, it probably is.

    “A good heist is subtle. And look at Vlad; he’s been hiding in plain sight for centuries.” ALICE. Alice. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but Vlad is not… subtle. He is the opposite of subtle. DID YOU NOT HEAR THE FANGS BLAZING PART??

    I like Miko’s room but I also don’t trust it. And I know you’re unhinged and nothing is left to chance (BOATBOATBOATBOAT) but I also see the Cordelia bust(!) and some… seedlings? 🌱 (I also have those seedlings and you know exactly what I plan to do with them!)

    “The Fates don’t lie; they obfuscate.” OH DEAR SOUNDS FAMILIAR?? 🙈

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