Chapter 29, Part 1: Life After Death

Vlad’s Office, Downtown Windenburg

Miss Hell

“How could you be so stupid!” she raged, ignoring for the moment, the “aw shucks” look on Bloodvein’s face.

Jimena rubbed her arms, looking around at the decor items warily. Miss Hell tried, and failed to feel some level of empathy for the sim.

You could be an inanimate object without a spell. Miss Hell had spent hours sitting in a parlor as such, waiting to be noticed and chosen and bought for the night.

You are not going back there. Those days are gone. 

They certainly were. Miss Hell had survived and Madame Caliente and all her ilk had been dead for centuries. 

“Where is the body, Bloodvein, did you think about that for even a moment?”

“I—” he choked off a squeak and cleared his throat. “Of course I did! Buried and taken care of, isn’t it.”

Now that he was nervous, he had dropped his imitation of Vladislaus’s accent. He didn’t look at Miss Hell with desire, more like agitation and guilt. She had gone from lover to mother in the blink of an eye and all because she demanded just a hint of maturity and common sense. Men were all the same, unable to countenance the existence of female anger.

Still furious, she checked her phone. Wherever Vladislaus was, he wasn’t answering and the tracker she installed wasn’t picking anything up. He was prone to rages, though. Just last week she had to reinstall her tracking software after he smashed his phone against a wall. He was probably home, waiting for his errand boys to take him to procure another replacement.

Go big or go home.

“Call our allies, tell them to be at Straud Manor within the hour.”

Bloodvein glanced at Jimena for approval and she smiled encouragingly, as they got up.

As soon as she realized Miss Hell looking, she cut it off. Bloodvein didn’t get the memo, reaching for Jimena’s hand without realizing that Miss Hell was watching.

He was still the same simpering fool she convinced Vladislaus to turn all those years ago. 

“Why do you want him?” Vladislaus had asked her.

“Because he’s worthless,” she’d told him. “And sometimes worthless things are good to have around when you’re protecting something of value.”

Jimena tried to follow Bloodvein out, but Miss Hell called her back.

“Why are we keeping you, Jimena?”

“I’m sorry?” she gasped, wringing her hands nervously, “I-I don’t understand…”

“Why. Are. We. Keeping. You?” Miss Hell repeated, punctuating every word. “You aren’t useful. You’re clearly not fucking Vladislaus or you’d have better information. You picked out some idiot surfer as the God of Death, and you mean to tell me you’re attracted to Lionel?”

“What? I’m j-just trying to stay alive…I don’t mean to upset you…” she cast her eyes downward and Miss Hell could not help but notice how long her lashes were.

“You can save the frightened act, I don’t buy it in the least. You can’t possibly be attracted to Richard.” 


“Richard Lionel. His real name.”

Jimena could not hide the wince that flashed across her face. “I answer to a higher power,” she said finally.

“What a coincidence,” Miss Hell drawled, arching an eyebrow. “Well, now you answer to me.”

Jimena nodded. She strolled towards the door with confidence, but paused, her hand hovering over the handle. “I really am trying to survive,” she said softly.

Miss Hell knew. It was the same thing she told herself.

If you want some theme music to go along with this next part, here’s what was playing in my head.

Straud Manor


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  • Dolly Llama
    May 25, 2020

    This chapter marks the first time in recent memory someone’s mentioned Magnolia Promenade. I’m also appreciating the shift from Alice having a huge secret to Alice being oblivious to everyone else’s secrets. So now it’s not even just what’s going on, it’s who knows what. Who Jimena’s master is, for example; it seems like she has some seductive abilities? Are the seven deadly sins in on this or something?

    “You could be an inanimate object without a spell.” Dang. That one hit me. How much things have changed, and still we’ve got so far to go…

    Since I have zero interest in any of the supernatural gameplay, I did have the treat of looking up Vlad Bloodvein for real and seeing what that mofo actually looks like. Hooooo boy that’s some good camp. I was like, isn’t this tame for one of these outfits? I mean if I saw someone wearing that blazer I’d elbow the shit out of my friend, but it’s tame for him. AND THEN I SAW THE SHOES.


    • feroshgirl
      May 26, 2020

      – I like to think of those shoes as some of my best work. HAHAHA. Yeah, EA Bloodvein was already bringing so much to the table, I didn’t have to do much to draw inspiration.

      – I literally forgot about Magnolia Promenade until I was like: damn it, where is a place she can be from that I haven’t already mentioned? I can’t believe that even counts as a “world.”

      – Miss Hell is 100% All For Self and chaotic neutral (goals) so she is always dropping truth bombs. I think if I don’t write her saying it so I can laugh, I’ll cry.

      – Oooohhh you are so close on Jimena’s master. There are a key set of Gods and their respective “patrons” definitely excel in the domain they rule over. Every player is on the board at this point, now I’m just in the business of reveals so you’ll have your answer by the end of this chapter.

      – I’m glad you noticed the shift and liked it! In the first part, everyone is the protagonist of their own story. The most important secret Alice was keeping was about herself. The world largely operated in a way that she understood and she was an expert at navigating it. Then shit got weird. Now she’s in this place where she’s having to consider that the world is bigger and more complex than she realized. And she ain’t the weirdest thing in it.

      • Dolly Llama
        May 28, 2020

        Alright, Beauty for Jimena’s master and that’s my final guess. And while we’re in the business of predictions, if William brings a date to the filming and Bernard flips out on him for being in a gay interracial relationship, I am going to lose my shit. Other than that, Miss Hell’s probably going to get a lot more likeable and I still have no clue what the hey Miko is up to. That’s all.

      • feroshgirl
        May 31, 2020

        Miko’s plans are going to become clear soon…like next chapter. I love Miss Hell she is…complicated. I can’t wait to get into her story arc.

        After Bernard’s debut, I think it’s safe to say that’s exactly how he’d react. Though to be clear, that’s not part of his introduction 🙂

  • theplumbob
    Jul 9, 2020

    Ah ok, that explains Ben’s absence, kind of. I adored Vlad and Alice’s moments as always, hough honestly, maybe he’s too good for her (plot twist!). There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her, while she’s attracted to him, but not all that invested, I feel like. She cares for him, sure, but she’s still subconsciously looking for excuses to cast him aside.

    Jimena is actually surprisingly composed through all of this. Is she not a regular mortal? I feel like any regular human would have pooped their pants. My theory is that she’s a double agent.

    The meeting in the restauruant, is Morgyn adopting a particular twist on things? I don’t feel like what was discussed exactly reflected the sages’ conversation… so what’s Morgyn’s game here?

  • Yimiki
    Feb 17, 2021

    You know, despite the strings being pulled behind the scenes by literally everyone, and the backstabbing, and the supernatural threats and the literal hand of fate orchestrating this grand event of getting the owl of undoing, I can’t help but laugh every time I remember that all these superpowers and monsters and spellcasters and vampires are focused around… a baking contest. 😂 It gets me every time, lol.

    • feroshgirl
      Feb 17, 2021

      HAHAHA Thank you! I mean my brain works in wacky ways so I’m glad you’re enjoying it. And listen, you’ve described my story in a nutshell: everyone is backstabbing, the hand of fate is everywhere, strings we don’t even know are being pulled are being pulled. It’s wild.

  • Ninja Pink Sex
    Nov 3, 2022

    I like how L.Faba is like, dude we’re trying to have a fancy feast in the comfort of our own magical HQ, get your shit together Simeon.

    Morgyn is absolutely terrifying in BBD, in comparison to The Strauds (even though Morgyn in The Strauds is far more powerful). Turning Jimena into a child’s source of comfort is quite hilarious. Jimena is neither comforting or cuddly, and I doubt she has a heart.

    Despite the passaging of time, Ana still holds onto memories of her former life, and they cause her distress/PTSD. It’s a very VERY different Ana from The Strauds, this one is more vulnerable and I never thought I’d see her cower. Goodness. I prefer my Ana with a backbone of steel.

    Vlad: Did she call me her BOYFRIEND??? lol he’s a plasma pack away from jumping on Oprah’s couch and claiming how lucky he is. In case that reference is too obscure:

    Ana to Jimena: You are useless. Why are we keeping you alive.
    Jimena: I am useful. Wink, wink, wink.
    Ana: Hmmmm. Let’s see where this goes…

    Muhgawd, who let the dogs out! Werewolves cause some havoc.

    • feroshgirl
      Nov 15, 2022

      God, Faba is just out here living her best life. She is a survivor and I LOVE writing her. You can see why she and Morgyn have such affection for each other.

      Speaking of Morgyn, I think I already mentioned this but since the Strauds is a BBD AU where some of the characters have crossed over, they are the same Morgyn. It may be good to keep in mind the level of ruthlessness that Strauds Morgyn is capable of hehe.

      You and me both prefer that backbone of steel! Strauds Ana is definitely an evolution of BBD Ana.

      Vlad has no chill. He would jump on that couch and also throw it through a window.

      Oh Jimena. Sigh.


      • Ninja Pink Sex
        Nov 15, 2022

        At least Penny werewolf looks fierce af!

        Yeah I’m not taking my eye off The Strauds Morgyn for one minute. The calm before the storm sounds about right for them.

        LMAO OMG VLAD THROWING THE COUCH. I’d die. Why wasn’t THAT on Oprah?!?

      • feroshgirl
        Nov 15, 2022

        God, Tom Cruise really missed an opportunity LOL

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