Chapter 3: The Wolves Rush In

Downtown San Myshuno


Penny took a sip of her coffee, “Motherfucking vanilla creme? Are you kidding me?” With an irritated grunt, she dumped the entire thing in the trashcan. 

Stupid new baristas. Penny had been getting her morning fix from Jolie’s for years. They knew her order front and back: Black coffee to go, an almond croissant. And this morning, she needed her order right more than ever.

Last night, she spent the entire evening playing photographer at her aunt’s gallery opening and feeding bylines to other reporters. Apparently, Penny’s job wasn’t an embarrassment when her family could benefit from it.  

Alice’s “real talk” after Anastasia’s interview was also irritating. “So she had a panic attack and you yelled at her? Penny, I tell you this because I love you. You’re being kinda harsh.”

Alice was supposed to be on Penny’s side! And she was wrong anyway. Penny was not being harsh.

No one made Anastasia leap up on the table like a sexy panther! She asked the woman some questions, that was all. Penny was a journalist…sort of. That was her job!

The morning didn’t get any better when she arrived at her office. For reasons that had to be the Universe hating her, Penny found a detective waiting by her desk. 

“Bella Goth. Billie said I could wait for you here.” She stuck out her hand. 

Penny shook it while inwardly cursing her ex-girlfriend. “What can I do for you?”

“That werewolf story you wrote. The photo was—”

Penny rattled off the paper’s standard response. “Not in violation of anyone’s privacy and legally obtained.” 

Bella waved a hand, “No, I’m not here about that. I mean, where did you get the picture? You wrote the story. Did you see this creature?”

Penny blinked at her slowly and then burst out laughing. “Are you kidding? Werewolves are fake. People send all sorts of nonsense stuff to the magazine all the time. We’re a tabloid.”

“Let me put your mind at ease, Miss Pizzazz; I’m not a dumbass. I know werewolves aren’t real. I came about a case and thought you might be interested in being helpful, but I guess I was wrong. Thanks for your time.” Her voice was tight as she turned on her heel and stormed out.

“Wait!” Penny was so used to denigrating her work before her family had a chance that she forgot not everyone was out to get her. There were a million reasons Bella might want information about the story—maybe the person she interviewed was wanted for murder, or the werewolf costume was stolen. Either way, she was about to blow her opportunity to work on something real and not related to photoshopping pictures of aliens. 

“I’m sorry.” She jogged after Bella. “My morning coffee got screwed up, and it put me in a bad mood. The woman who submitted the tip was out in the suburbs. I interviewed her and cleaned up a few blurry pictures she sent me. I have her information on file if you want to question her.”

“Bad coffee is a dangerous thing,” Bella smiled. “You don’t want to protect your source? I know journalists are serious about that sort of thing.”

Penny resisted the urge to laugh. “Like I said. This is a tabloid. And I wouldn’t call myself a journalist.”

“Why? It was a well-written story. Crazy but well-written.”

Penny sucked in a breath. If there was anytime to shoot her shot, it was while the detective was questioning her. “Hey, any chance I could tag along when you question her?”

  • Snow ~
    Feb 20, 2022

    absolutely love the description of Vlad’s sexuality : p I love the scene with the vegetables and how Vlad’s response is in such Vlad style: ‘I will care about you, damn it, and you will let me care about you!’ – Although it’s pretty sad to know it’s because Vlad doesn’t want to lose someone else close. That’s the trouble with eternity I guess, you would never really get used to losing the people you care about over and over. And even if he’s thinking about Alice intensely, maybe it’s the same thing: is it worth getting to know her even more if he’ll only lose her anyway? Wonder if he feels that way about her too…

    “You’re looking for a werewolf?” At Bella’s frown, he hid his smile. “Sorry, bad joke.” Joking aside, very likely not far away from the truth! For once a tabloid story may actually turn out to be true, though that’s not a good thing this time around 😂 Unless you’re like me and would stand there in awe at a werewolf, even whilst it mauls you 😂

    I love the contrast of Akira itching to beat the shit out of somebody and Caleb doing his best not to let it come to violence. Damn it Akira, shouldn’t have said anything! I hope the two of them can take on 3-4 werewolves at once in a fight : p

    Ooh interesting. So the tooth might be a sort of good fortune charm and not a trophy like I thought? Ohh man Akira’s bow is awesome. IDK what makes archers so cool, probably because it makes me think of DnD. What’s cooler than fighting multiple werewolves off with a bow?

    Hmm so the drifter wolves have cut themselves off from toxic family. I wonder if Penny will come to meet them properly down the line, and if she’ll take some inspiration to leave her pushy family from them… That little animation with the werewolf and Bella/Penny was awesome! The vamp ‘rawr’ animation is really good on the werewolf.

    • feroshgirl
      Feb 22, 2022

      LOLOL SAME! Some days I am like: is Vlad my stand-in character for myself? Anyways, yes, Vlad is a pan king and a feminist, in addition to being a murdering monster with truly outrageous opinions about appliances. You hit the nail right on the head; even his “caring” is, like, somewhat threatening. Oof, you are honing on something I’m not even sure Vlad has been able to articulate for himself yet. If he wants to be part of the world, he must deal with mortal lifespans. It makes his life fuller and lonely because he will outlive them.

      Man, the only dude who gets it is the crime lab tech! And maybe a tabloid! Hunt down that werewolf! I would be no help either, the CC for this werewolf costume got me shook. There is someone making a werewolves mod and I’m so tempted to download it because dang it, we need werewolves in this game.

      Ahhh I love archers too. I’m about to DM a new campaign for friends using Eberron and I was definitely like: steampunk archers are cannon (oh god the nerd levels are so high right now).

      Maybe Penny will get lucky and something will inspire her to set firm boundaries with her family…

      or maybe not…

      heheh! Glad you like the machinima!

      • Snow ~
        Feb 25, 2022

        It’s always fun to work things out through writing it into a character! For me it sure is easier than opening up to people about things : P Although sometimes it’s without intention and then you just come to a realisation like o.o On a side note, I always appreciate the diversity of your cast. < 3

        Oh so it's a costume! I somehow didn't figure that out even after watching the machinima. I thought it was just a bunch of models in different poses *facepalm* To be fair if we ever get werewolves, I reallllly would want them to look like this, like Skyrim-esque anatomy-wise werewolves. Wishful thinking on my part though : (

  • Dolly Llama
    Feb 21, 2022

    On behalf of the (surprisingly large) group of flower-crown-fairy-prince-boys-or-mean-goth-girls-who-can-rip-a-man-in-half-with-their-bare-hands bis, I humbly ask Ms. Pizzazz to not make that sneering face anymore, especially while wearing dark lipstick. I HAVE THINGS TO DO.

    Gonna try to keep this short and maybe let someone else mention the hilarity of naming a werewolf Shiloh.

    Reading between the lines, if Vlad is interested in Alice, she is dangerous. Enough to pose a threat to an elder vampire. And I haven’t said this before, but Latimer is a welcome addition. Vlad’s at his best when he has someone to take care of. Doubly so when it’s some random person he found and decided they were his person. JIMMY. (Now I have to go back and remind myself what happened to William & Morgyn in this universe—pretty sure that in the main universe they’re busy getting themselves some trash books, as in dug out of the garbage rather than guilty pleasures, but dunno if we’ve seen them yet here.)

    That having been said, I’m judging Latimer on whether the sentiment behind “it’s all vegetables!” was “…and low-salt vegan cooking needs acidic components! Where’s the citrus, you scrub? Also, if the only thing you bought was fresh produce, I hope every shelf in this pantry is already filled with legumes and bulk spices in mason jars,” or “…waah! I don’t want to eat anything unless rape, torture, or murder of sentient beings was involved!” Could see Vlad going along with either, although he already has a step up. Eating humans is already vegan. We’re terrible for the environment.

    A+ transition into Bella’s part. Stunning. And you’re also reminding me to do that “mmm! Pancakes!” fanart.

    Deacon is exactly the character I would want to play if I found a D&D group, which is low INT/high WIS. “He’s not a nice dude”? “Marriage is hella hard”? You’re killing me, man.

    Canine in nature, partially laced with sim DNA—well then, uh, like, insertions? Is werewolfery retroviral? If so, how is the host DNA mostly canine if the subject started as a sim? I can’t imagine the genetic makeup changing w/ the moon; it has to be some sort of time- or light-dependent phenotypic plasticity. What percentage of genomes do canines and sims already share, that would cause the lead scientist to identify some sequences as sim-specific and not regular mammalian genes? How many questions are you prepared to answer about the werewolf genome?

    Even the author of that study knows alpha wolves are a myth! Hah! Wow, Caleb is really moving in on my territory, huh? First with the risk aversion, now he’s the one pointing out when someone has cute shoes? But I do appreciate that BBD has found its own version of two rival groups walking slowly towards each other and snapping while 1950s music plays in the background, which, of course, is shoe based.

    Those shoes were pretty cute.

    So now we know who was collecting teeth, but, with all my heart, I wanted the werewolf-teeth theft to be someone’s attempt at tricking the tooth fairy. Could be more than one tooth thief. Teeth thief?

    Machinima is beautiful as always! Before now, I hadn’t considered the logistics. DAMN. It didn’t occur to me that you’re limited by which animations are available, along with all of the cinematography and the framing, making it fit into the existing storyline… are you sure this is your low-key? BECAUSE VIDEOS SEEM HIGH-KEY.

    • feroshgirl
      Feb 22, 2022

      Listen, I don’t even control Penny anymore. She controls HERSELF. She is an unstoppable force, and I’m sorry for you and your tasks.

      I honestly have no excuse for my naming conventions, and I won’t apologize lol.

      You are so right about Vlad. He always needs someone he is irrationally attached to because comedy, but also because I think it keeps him from becoming a completely feral monster. He’s not a good person (vampire), so he needs external motivation to try and move through the world without destroying it. (JUSTICE FOR JIMMY) Seriously though, I really just love writing Vlad/human sidekick scenes.

      I see that you’ve from “what makes Alice dangerous?” to “Alice is obviously dangerous at a def con most extreme level.” We shall see if you are right…

      ‘Eating humans is vegan’ LOL I am dead. (and you know their pantry is just debug versions of foods stacked neatly next to each other on an open pantry that has magical game mechanics to keep things from spoiling)

      Vlad is probably using v little salt and/or acid. I mean, he could, but the doctor had both those things on the ‘no’ list, so…

      I am prepared to answer no questions about the werewolf genome partly because my understanding of how DNA works is TERRIBLE. Umm…thing zippers and unzippers, some parts of the zipper from a sim, some parts of the zipper from werewolf and…poof magic? Yes. That’s how it works. Poof magic.

      I missed the opportunity to make an NFT joke but not an alpha male joke. I hope I have redeemed myself. Also, please stan Caleb more! He deserves it!

      Please hold onto your butt for shoe-related shenanigans coming in a few chapters.

      Could be more than one tooth thief? Interesting theory.

      Haha, thank you! I am so indebted to all the people who make animations. I could not do anything without them! Also, weirdly this is low-key? It was a pretty straightforward set to build and shoot. I didn’t have to keyframe anything. But this is like the gateway drug. I’m working on a machinima for a future chapter that is just a mammoth because I got sucked in these little clips!

  • MonaSolstraale
    Feb 22, 2022

    I finally have time to follow up on your story.
    I love the dark background of your website that emphasizes the mood of your narrative.
    Unfortunately, the link in the chapter overview, in the drop-down menu ‘Season 1’ does not work.
    NB I have a technical question for your dropdown (spoiler) menus. I will write this in the WordPress thread in the Sims Forum.

    • feroshgirl
      Feb 22, 2022

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is so embarrassing because I made a chapters page and then completely forgot to update it with the actual chapter links. #fail

      I don’t know why WordPress marked your comment as spam. I’m sorry it didn’t show up at first. Welcome! I’m glad you like the vibes of the site 🙂 I was hoping it would get people in the mood for the story.

      I’m jumping over to the forums to answer your technical question!

  • Yimiki
    Feb 22, 2022

    Oh my gods these two 🤣 Peak sexual attraction right there. “Do you think she’d stab me?” Dead. I’m dead. 😂🤣
    Ouch. Vlad isn’t taking his friend’s mortality well at all. His intentions are good, but… don’t control a man’s final days when he doesn’t want you to. This is a heavy topic but I do think that letting Latimer live how he wants to is better than forcing him to spend his remaining time in a way he’s not happy with. Sometimes the benefit of prolonged life is not worth the cost of what you give up in return. This is still just over food, but I can see this getting very heavy very fast. Gah.

    Eliza Pancakes had the werewolf tooth necklace? 😮 Ten points for the tech guy for correctly identifying the werewolf! Aaaaand he doesn’t know they’re real. Hm. I wonder if Bella knows they exist. Their family seemed to be aware of vampires back in the prologue. I can’t imagine that none of that knowledge of supernaturals tricked down the family tree… or maybe it will in the future.

    [Apparently, Penny’s job wasn’t an embarrassment when her family could benefit from it.] Oof, isn’t that true for a lot of things. I sympathise with Penny so hard. Her glary scowl is a real mood (and really doing it for me today for some reason, oh my gods 🙈) Alice is right; Penny is kind of harsh. But Anastasia also yelled at her for trying to help and said she could have killed her. I’d say the score there is pretty even. Sexy panther 😂🤣 Oooooh Penny and Bella are joining forces? I am very down for that 😁

    This chapter’s insistence at the gods not existing makes me all the more convinced that here too, they do exist. 😆

    Motioning for her to run and Penny just picks up a baseball bat. I love this character. BWAHAHA omg that music in the background 😂 Aaaah that made me laugh much more than I should have. YES PENNY SWING THAT BASEBALL BAT! Well, if they didn’t know they existed before, they definitely do now. This is going to be delicious.

    • feroshgirl
      Feb 22, 2022

      Vlad just wants a partner who will love him, support him, and occasionally, when warranted, run a knife through him. Is that too much to ask? LOL

      You and Snow picked up on the same thing. Vlad is, so loving, but also threatening. I think control is something he is going to grapple with for this story. So many things are within his reach with vampiric powers and immortal lifespan. But not keeping his best friends alive forever if they don’t want that.

      Me: who would be a good victim in this story?
      Myself: how about some random townie you generate in CAS
      Me: Eliza Pancakes it is

      Actively trying not to respond to your comment about Bella’s supernatural family tree knowledge. Trying SO HARD.

      Penny and Bella is the buddy cop adventure we all deserve!

      Goads…what gods? Didn’t you read? It says the gods don’t exist…

      ::maniacal laughter::

      • Yimiki
        Feb 23, 2022

        Poor Eliza 😂 oh, the universal hatred for the Pancakes family. Ooooh did I hit a thing with the supernatural family tree knowledge? I did, didn’t I? Woo! Attention brain is working! 😗

  • Ninja Pink Sex
    Apr 9, 2022


    %@$@%^a#&(@)!@(* OMG

  • Ninja Pink Sex
    Apr 9, 2022

    1) WP (for once) showed the entirety of this chapter!! Hal-a-luuuuuu

    I can’t stop thinking about the video. Maybe it’s the coffee. I get a little fixated.
    1) What made you choose “Unchained Melody”? I can’t help but think of Ghost when I hear the song (the greatest love story EVER), which also has supernatural elements. But it’s a love story, and i don’t think Wolfy there was thinking about jumping Bella’s bones, not in the sexeh way anyhow. SO THEN I’m thinking, well it was nominated for Best Picture (The Oscars) but lost to Dances with Wolves, and LOL’d if that was why this song was chosen, and I am so sorry that I am being next-level annoying >.< I was super obsessed with the movie as a child and was salty that it didn't win.
    2) I was yelling at Penny. YELL-ING. Running and hiding. WHAT? But, I get it. Survival. Then it seemed like even Penny was checking herself and came out swinging at that mangy mutt.
    3) I'm glad they both survived that encounter. Physically anyways. Mentally… oooh…we'll see.
    4) “You know what?” Penny declared, “I’d feel a lot better if we were having a shared delusion.” – HILARIOUS

    • feroshgirl
      Apr 11, 2022

      Whoa! look at WP getting fancy!

      Since you flagged the song, you get to hear my musical theme nerdery!!!! Hooray! First of all, Ghost is like one of my all-time fave movies. From Whoopie Goldberg going “Molly, you in danger girl” to that song playing during the sexiest pottery date ever, it’s just my happy place. Unchained Melody came out in 1965 (1966? Obvi I could Google this but I’m lazy) when women were expected to be the”doting wife and loving mother who takes care of the home.” We’ve come a far way, but not nearly as far as we think. It’s a theme I’m sort of exploring with Bella who appears to have both the “white picket fence” type of family life and a demanding career. On the surface, it seems progressive but there’s a lot of tension both from Mortimer and the demands she places on herself. So basically, I just imagine all her scenes with this undercurrent of classic tunes that don’t quite match the reality of her situation.

      Okay, god, that was so much. I’ll shut up now. It delights me that it lost to Dances with Wolves (WHICH I ALSO LOVED) and I want to take credit for being that clever but I can’t!! Also technically this scene is the start of someone’s werewolf love story. More on that later hehe.

      Uh yeah, physically fine and mentally a hot mess is a vibe in this story LOL.

      • Ninja Pink Sex
        Apr 13, 2022

        Lol, let us not bless WP yet. Chapter 5 only showed the first part on WP. Le sigh. WP is a hit and a miss.

        I. Am. ALL. About what you did with Ghost. This has elements of “The Feminine Mystique,” 😀 😀 😀

        OOOOOH! Okay. Looking forward to finding out who the werewolf is and who is the object of the werewolf’s love (or vice versa).

        I think a lot of us, everyday, walk with the façade of being physically fine and mentally a hot mess. Just makes your characters that much more relatable <3

  • Ninja Pink Sex
    Apr 9, 2022

    Dude. Akira. He is DTF (Down to Fight), and idk why that has me…mmm. Whip them arrows, bb. Speaking of…violence, Daaaaaaamn, Vlad. Thinking about Alice penetrating you. I mean, sure, with knives, but penetration is penetration, right? I mean that’s one of the reasons why vamps are sexually appealing, their penetrating fangs 😉
    Latimer is such an old farty dude. Grumble, grumble, I’m not going to live a miserable prolonged life it means eating healthy! Hahaha, I can’t blame him, but I get both sides of that coin. Vlad really is like his son. You would think as long as Vlad has been living he’d get used to death and the inevitably of loneliness, but still… idk, maybe it isn’t so easy to harden your heart against such a thing.
    It’s really cute how Vlad schoolboy crushes on Alice, and YAY I can’t wait to see this date take place 😀 Question is, will Vlad bring the knives? :O
    Dude. I really dislike Penny’s family. They’re ok putting her career down, but have no qualms using her when it suits their needs. They’re f’ing trash. Penny needs to take a chapter outta Alice’s book and tell her family to go get bit by a werewolf.
    Bella and Penny are like a supernatural crimefighting duo I need more of in my life.
    Great story 😀

  • Manny Likes Sims
    Jul 17, 2023

    I just have to quickly shout out these two incredible moments that gave me life while I continue binge-reading kthxbai

    His sexuality was, as William described it: anything that could potentially kill him.

    Penny being told to run and instead grabbing a baseball bat. And then striking that badass pose 💯

    • feroshgirl
      Jul 18, 2023

      Yay!! Binge-read away!!! Hahaha listen Vlad is an equal opportunity lover of all dangerous things 😈

      Penny doesn’t take no shit! Also, this is the first time I’ve ever been grateful for that gaming mat 😂 that animation is 10/10

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