Chapter 41, Part 2: The Fate of It All


Here are some truths: 

  1. The final chapters are taking me forever. 
  2. I could not find the right cc spoon for this baking scene, so please ignore how it floats just out of Alice’s hand. 
  3. As a reward for your patience, I’m including a short preview of the final battle that I’m currently shooting/editing.
  4. Now that I’ve finished this chapter, I’ve earned a binge session of my fave simlits! Will the next chapter be late as a result? PROBABLY.

Seriously though, thanks for coming on this crazy, incredible journey with me! I’ve got so many ideas for Book Two, but I am relieved to be wrapping up this first part. You lovely readers have made me feel like I’m part of a community, and you’ve brought me so much light and joy with your comments.

ALSO, CHECK MY OTHER CAMEO YO. I AM IN THE YUAN-VERSE (I will not apologize for calling it this), AND ITS EVERYTHING. Dollyllama’s writing is excellent, and I cannot stress enough that you should absolutely be reading Catastrophe Theory.

And last but not least: Pandemic/quarantine can make it seem like time has no meaning, but the violence done against the Asian community was not that long ago and is also ongoing. If you’re feeling a bit paralyzed, a place to start is donating to people doing vital civil rights work: 

Magic HQ


Penny stared, her mouth hanging open. She had bested the Sage of Mischief Magic in a duel and wasn’t even sure how she did it. 

The Sage struggled to her feet, waving off help. “You’ve soundly defeated me; let’s not add insult to injury, witch.”

Penny bit down on her sharp response and nodded. For the first time, she noticed how messy Faba looked—the dirt streaking her face, her torn stockings, bags under her eyes. The attack on Magic HQ was so chaotic; Penny didn’t see the full extent of what Alice had done.

“I’m not here with them. The God of Death and her…” she struggled to find a proper word for describing the constellation of creatures following Alice. 

“Ah yes, the God of Death. She’s certainly come into her own, and her ascension has only just begun. What fresh horror will await the worlds when she is fully in control of herself?”

Penny jolted. She didn’t expect the Sage of Mischief Magic to articulate the exact thoughts she’d been struggling with. “You think she’s dangerous?”

“More than dangerous. She’s the harbinger of the end of a world. Tell me, witch, do you still follow that god’s tenets? Or you are here on your own?”

“Follow? Tenets? Alice doesn’t have those; she’s… she’s a store clerk from a nowhere military town,” Penny sputtered. 

“She was a store clerk from a nowhere military town,” L. Faba corrected. “Now she’s a god. Of course, she has followers and tenets. Soon she’ll have doctrines and magic help us if she’s already started receiving prayers. That doesn’t change my original question, why are you here, witch?”

“Penny, the name is Penny, and I’m not here for the God of Death’s business. I’m here for mine. Witches have been going missing, including my parents. I’m here to find out what happened.”

L. Faba tensed, and the silence stretched between them, a taut and terrible thing. Finally, the Sage turned to walk away. “Go home, child. You are not prepared for answers.”

Penny clenched her fists. She could not come this far and have it be for nothing. What would be left of her if she didn’t get these answers? “I know about Simeon and Bjorn being involved with the Good Order Monks. I know a lot about the God of Death.”

L. Faba kept walking. Penny jogged after her, desperate to make the Sage stop. 

“And The Owl,” she cried, “I know all about that, too.” 

L. Faba froze, “You know where The Owl is?”

“Yes,” Penny croaked. Practical magic forgive her. “I can give you information, but I need something in return. I killed witches last time I was here…it…it can’t have been for nothing.”

Windenburg Keep


Alice cracked another egg over the bowl. When she started this journey, baking seemed like something that required strict adherence to a bunch of rules on a sheet of paper. And technically speaking, it did. But being on reality tv required flexibility and thinking on your feet, which was definitely her strength. 

More than anything else, Alice liked reacting. Then, if she fell short, there were a whole host of legitimate reasons that had nothing to do with whether she was good enough. It probably wasn’t the best long-term strategy. In fact, she was hoping Vlad might be a good counterbalance to her, but he was right: good planning was not the domain of slaughter-obsessed madmen.  

Still, he backed her up when she said she didn’t want to talk about the pregnancy. Apparently, he and Valeria had words because her mother had been mum all afternoon. It remained to be seen how long that would last. 

Stirring the batter, she paused and took a quick taste. Not bad. It was one of her better improvisations, award-winning even.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Gwendolyn demanded as she padded into the room. Her tone was suspicious, but then again, her tone was always suspicious. It made sense; Gwendolyn had plenty of reason to trust no one and nothing. Nevertheless, it was something Alice hoped would change over time. 

“I’m baking. What are you doing?”

“Observing,” she shrugged, “You could probably use my help.”

Alice slid the ingredients over and patted a space on the counter. “Alright, hop on up.” 

“Can I taste it?”

She gave Gwendolyn a skeptical look. “What did Vlad say about you eating mortal food?”

“It would taste like ash in my mouth, and I’d probably barf it up.” 

“Then no.” Alice was already cleaning up enough of her own puke. 

“But how will I know it’s good?” she whined.

“Use your sense of smell.”

The tiny terror acquiesced, and they worked together. After adding a few more ingredients and some vigorous stirring, they got to a point in the recipe where they needed to let the batter rest.  

“So what do you want to be when you grow up?” Alice asked, wiping her hands on her jeans. She rarely got a chance to talk with Gwendolyn about anything beyond their immediate situation. 

“Why?” she frowned, suspicion back in her voice.

“Because you are my kid, and I want to help.”

She folded her arms.

“One day, everything won’t be on fire,” Alice sighed, “I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but I promise it will be very soon.” 

“Queen of hell,” she said finally, “And I know you’re gonna say there’s no such thing as hell, but you’re a god, and Vlad’s everyone’s nightmare, and I wanna be queen of something,” she finished primly. 

Alice wanted to laugh, but she didn’t. “That’s pretty ambitious.”

“Valeria says aim high.”

At that, Alice did laugh. “She told me the same thing.”

Something in the tiny terror softened. Her eyes grew wide. “You always wanted to be the God of Death?”

“No, I wanted…” Alice hesitated. She hadn’t thought about her dreams in a very long time. They seemed now like they were made by another sim in another time entirely. Which was sort of true, she wasn’t a sim anymore, and she certainly wasn’t hanging around the StrangeVille library trying to build up the courage to apply to art school. “I wanted to be an artist. Open my own gallery.” 

Her voice came out more solemn than she intended, but Gwendolyn didn’t seem to mind. “You can paint! I want to paint!” she squealed, “Why are you holding out on me? I could be a great painter, and you’re not even teaching me?”

“Whoa, whoa, my bad!” Alice held up her hands in mock surrender, “I’ll teach you to paint. It’ll be the first thing we do when we get to the Underworld.”

“And what about hell?” 

“Would you settle for God of Death’s intern?”

“Depends,” she placed a hand on her chin, “What’s my salary?”

Alice reminded herself that Gwendolyn was not the kind of kid you could make empty promises. She ushered them over to the bowl. “Um, we’ll talk about it later, okay?”


Before she could gear up to negotiate, Alice quickly cut in, “How do you think our recipe is going?”

Gwendolyn leaned over and took a whiff. “It smells like death.”

  • Yimiki
    Apr 1, 2021

    Ermagewd. Okay. Am finally caught up enough to comment on a new one! 😁Don’t worry about the last few chapters taking a while! Wrapping up a gigantic tangle of storylines and plotting and moving pieces behind the scenes and sweet sweet tension takes time, after all 😁 Alice is just casually practicing her god powers by way of mysteriously floaty spoon.

    Whoa, Penny bested a sage?! That’s huge! And we now know that L Faba is the embodiment of Mischief magic – that’s incredibly huge! Wait, is this really L Faba? Did she allow Penny to beat her? Is she playing some angle, or is she really just this exhausted? What is going on here?
    Ah, fudge. Of course L Faba can be hooked by information of the Owl. I wonder if Penny is far gone enough that she’ll trade information about Gwendolyn against information about her parents, since it does seem like L Faba knows something. Oh no. It looks like she is. Hoo boy. Vlad was right about deciding to GTFO.

    “Observing,” she shrugged, “You could probably use my help.”
    Nawwwwww is that Gwen’s way of saying she wants attention and wants to spend time with Alice? Their little baking bonding moment was so cute <3 we don’t see those two interact a lot outside of “stop Hellion from breaking and/or killing things”, so this was really precious to see. LOL smells like death – is that a good thing or a bad thing?

    I don’t know why but L Faba is causing all kinds of alarm bells to start ringing here. I’m missing something, aren’t I? Something isn’t right here. Gaaaaaahhhhhhhhh no Penny told her! This can’t end well T.T

    Once again, Vlad and Alice both have a point. He’s right that the other gods will not leave them alone once Alice goes to the Underworld, and Alice is right that Vlad can and should be different around his family. He’s already doing it with Gwendolyn, after all. Sure, their sweet grocery trip ended up with them ripping a heart out and trying to turn it into a culinary dish, but it was a bonding moment anyway. It wouldn’t be your standard family by any means but chances are that Vlad will be fine with a second kid, too.

    “and his hellion should hold everyone at arm’s length until they proved their worthiness.”
    Oooooh I can already see her bringing someone home when she’s older and Vlad scaring the everloving hell out of them. That poor sap. Bwahahaha.

    YES PENNY SOMETHING FEELS WRONG. Oh gods. I have such a strong urge to go back and re-read everything with Faba in it now ngggghhhh no. Finish the chapter. I have such a bad feeling about this amg- nooooooo Penny 😱

    That preview looks epic!

    • feroshgirl
      Apr 1, 2021

      THANK YOU! I mean, it doesn’t help that I keep giving myself long breaks in between chapters. I just finished my Almost Eternal binge and now I’m about to start my Tales of Camelot binge, though I am admittedly very nervous for Morgana. How is she going to hide her powers and deal with her feelings about Uther?

      But I digress. It was so fun to watching you grow increasingly more alarmed over the course of reading Penny and L. Faba’s interactions. I feel like Penny was pushed to this point, she was ripe for the manipulating but it was still painful. Interesting that Vlad turned out to be right and we know how he handles people who threaten Gwendolyn ::looks around for Bjorn’s remains::

      Can I confess that I’ve already written a scene with a future teenaged Gwendolyn bringing home her first girlfriend and Vlad and omfg he is bringing those vibes for sure? LOL. Yeah, he and Alice have v opposite views on how trusting Gwendolyn should be.

      Yeah, Vlad and Alice trying to navigate how they feel about possibly having a baby has been fun to write! I mean, yes, they are both right and chaos seems to follow them no matter what they do. What choice will they make?!?!?! We shall see…

      Man, I’m very excited to finish the machinima. I always have these epic ideas and then I get in the midst of editing and setting up animations and then I’m like: WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF?

      I’m so glad you like it! Squee!!

  • Dolly Llama
    Apr 5, 2021

    First of all, THANK YOU for including the link to that organization. ‘Paralyzed’ is the word for it. It took me forever to figure out what to say on, you know, my major work where anti-Asian racism is going to be addressed directly. Then I decided to listen to a podcast on the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, which was a Bad Idea, which led to a lot of lying down and throwing money at various problems. But now I’m back, and—oh no, it’s relevant to the COVID-19 vaccine?! NO. WHY. I’m going to write the rest of this comment later.

    Okay, it’s later. WELCOME TO THE YUANVERSE!! (Let’s hope your simself doesn’t praise the wrong recordings of Gypsy or claim that a RENT movie exists, and that she enjoys CT-verse’s numerous cream puff buffets.)

    I’mma point out three main themes that stood out to me here and throughout and then start rambling about non-sequitur bullshit. This is my thesis paragraph.

    As always, I love the portrayal of healing as a slow, nonlinear process that takes massive amounts of energy rather than a band-aid fix where the hero comes along, does a thing, and everyone is like yayyy. Gwendolyn’s introduction into the family is the best possible thing that could have happened to her, but it doesn’t mean there’s nothing left for her to still work through. Penny could find her parents, but it’s not going to erase the years she spent being covenless—and she certainly realizes it. Murder Norman is 50% trauma shockwave sometimes. Alice is finally in a stable relationship and coming into her own, and yet there are still all these time-sensitive things she needs to juggle and plan for and oh crap the god war is like baking. Because—you know—I’m all for a narrative that says healing is possible, but being bombarded with stories about how the bad problem is fixed and everything is fine now isn’t what we need in these nuanced times. So that’s one theme: recovery is challenging, but possible, and it’s important to acknowledge when there’s still work to be done.

    Next is that, having gone through all these different-but-strikingly-similar-at-the-core classes of garbage, most if not all characters have a fantastic intuition about the intentions of people around them, and an awareness, conscious or subconscious, of what could go wrong and why and oh no it’s baking again. Mr. A. Martin is direct with voicing his concerns here, but what stood out to me was Penny’s reaction to L Faba. You’ve written it so that from the very beginning of this chapter, L is throwing out major red flags that she’s untrustworthy—and Penny’s picking up on them! She’s clearly uncomfortable with L’s behavior. Then she starts rationalizing those flags away with the sunk cost fallacy. I may have yelled directions at her a bit, withholding judgement ’cause we’ve all been there. So, another (possible?) theme: listen to your intuition, it can be stronger than direct logic.

    And as a segue into the random bullshit section, it bothers me how narrow a range of beauty mainstream media chooses to portray, and am stoked to see variation in character design that lets them all be glamorous in their own style. (Spoilers: speaking of glamour, if the options are “have a character whose style icon is Sylvester, Queen of Disco” and “don’t have a character whose style icon is Sylvester, Queen of Disco,” there’s really only one choice. I mean.) This gets a special shout-out here because they’re also allowed to show normal body things that we’ve been conditioned to be ashamed about. L’s eye bags! Alice’s no-makeup pajama look because who the hell sleeps in makeup if they didn’t get to bed at 5 A.M.! Theme 3: not everyone is a snowflake, some people are slices of delicious pizza or a cool rock that looks like a little moai face or a galaxy opal or an angora sweater or Vlad Bloodvein, and they’re all beautiful without looking anything like each other except for Vlad Bloodvein, who is Vlad Bloodvein.


    Queen of hell! Alright! Get it, Persephone! I feel that. When I was her age—I am dead serious about this—I wanted to be a forensic anthropologist. Again, no joke. I’d be at the natural history museum telling my parents about the skeleton’s pelvic width and they’d say to my face, “why can’t we have a normal little girl that I can dress up in little dresses?” What I’m saying is bless you, Alice, for not whining at your child having a personality, and that I’m rooting for Gwendolyn’s first date to be at cadaver lab or equivalent. And does Mr. A. Martin seriously think Gwendolyn would ever be afraid of him? Awww. Muffin.


    I want to see an official document outlining Alice’s tenets. I WANT IT!! How many bullet points are essentially “idk lol”? I’ll trade you for a page of an art history textbook that refers to Xiyuan as “Bernard’s roommate.”

    Lastly, “her mother had been mum all afternoon.” Hahahaha.

    • feroshgirl
      Apr 6, 2021

      I think if I went down the Tuskegee Syphilis Study path, I would still be lost. I was feeling paralyzed myself. On the one hand, I was like: doesn’t my body know how to respond to this already because it happens so often? And on the other, I was like: how can I do anything but stare at the screen and be horrified?

      But I digress. I love it in the Yuanverse. I would not DARE to mention Rent as a movie because I don’t acknowledge that the movie happened. Since I managed to churn out a BBD chapter, I’m rewarding myself with a few weeks of binging, and I cannot wait to read the next Haunted because my Yuan-love is so strong. I think he is slowly taking over Bernard’s place in my heart!

      Slow, non-linear, requiring tons of energy—my god, you articulated this better than I could have myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the supernatural politics, reality-tv show craziness of BBD, but the heart of the story in my mind is how these people struggle (with varying degrees of success) to heal. Even though “found family” aids in this process, it’s not the magic fix. And their experiences color their perspectives. Alice sees Gwendolyn’s wariness as a sign of trauma, while Vlad celebrates it and sees it as a protective instinct.

      Speaking of which, Vlad, my sweet summer child. Alice and Gwendolyn have you wrapped around their fingers. That child will never be afraid of you. But it sweet you think that, lol.

      God, screw the “normal little girl in nice dresses” stuff. Being a forensic anthropologist is COOL AS HELL. I would be pumped that my kid has such specific interests. I confess here that I very much wanted to be a criminal psychologist because I watched Silence of the Lambs. My mom would walk in on my giving therapy sessions to my Barbies, but like, they had committed murders, and I was working with the police to find the bodies LOL. I just wanted Gwendolyn to feel loved and supported unconditionally cause kids to need that. Also, I have 100% already written random scenes featuring a teenaged Gwendolyn bringing home her first girlfriend, and it definitely has some big cadaver lab energy. My writing has far outpaced the speed at which I can put together a coherent story to get to that point, LOL.



      Can I tell you that when I was quoting from the Book of the Dead at the beginning of the blog, I fully intended to have it turn out that Alice had rewritten it, but as it turns out, I did not have the mental energy to write a fake book within a book. Maybe as a side project tho, because it would def be full of “wut? how many skulls do we need to collect?” and “I guess all the underworld levels can have cowplants? IDK” LOL, every time someone is like: there were no LGBTQ people in the past, I’m like: yep, sure, and how do you account for all those “companions” and “roommates”? Like yes, Lady So and So was buried in the same grave as her “companion” because they were BFFs and definitely not lovers.


      Okay, the real star of the show in this chapter: Penny. Yes, you totally picked up on that! Not only does she bury her concerns, she actively doesn’t know how to interpret them because she’s spent all this time with Miko who magically manipulated her emotions anytime Penny got too suspicious or threatened to go off-script. I just wanted to show how toxic relationships can really screw with your head, even after the person is gone.

      Me: Baking is a heavy-handed metaphor; I can’t use it too much

      Thank you for seeing all my hair, make-up, and clothing choices! It’s hard in the Sims because you can’t really change people’s physical characteristics easily (I mean without cas.fullleditmode and constant readjustment). But like, L. Faba has been running on empty, plotting and hiding out for days, prolly not sleeping. Of course, she’s got bags! I wish it was easier to do that stuff.

      I mean, I guess even Vlad Bloodvein is beautiful to someone? HAHAHAHHA. Really though, I’m always trying to figure out how I can have fun with everyone’s looks but not reinforce the idea that sexiness or attraction or beauty only grows out of looking a certain way.

      • Dolly Llama
        Apr 7, 2021


        Me: Ok, this is going to be a nuanced take written for a modern audience, drawing attention to specific types of microaggressions and how people with good intentions can end up inadvertently harming their friends and family
        World: NOPE, this caveman shit is STILL HAPPENING

        I’m going to assume Yuan is moving up in the rankings partly because he has the correct opinion on La La Land and is not the one who needs to stop thirsting over Emma Stone and gain some sense! But you’re probably an early adopter, hahaha. I predict Yuan’s going to gain a whole lot more fans by the end of that chapter I’ve been dying to write, and then again at the beginning of his high school flashback in Haunted, which may or may not involve bartering for a Lisa Frank panda folder.

        Hmm—with them being split on Gwendolyn’s suspicious nature, and what you’ve said about Penny’s actions being influenced by her relationship with Miko, I’ll keep an eye out for more examples of how people’s experiences are coloring their perception of the world. But then also lean on the Miko/Akira scholar for analysis on this particular group of characters.

        YES. I am falling over laughing at the Barbie lineup. This is the best thing.

        The book of the dead excerpts totally work as the taking-off-a-glove strategy. I trust there’s more where the small excerpts came from. And being able to admit when she doesn’t know/isn’t sure about something seems like part of Alice’s leadership strategy, so the idea of “I guess? IDK,” being her authorial voice is just perfect.

        On the other hand, projecting modern views of sexuality onto historical figures is a stretch. Can you believe some historians count this totally platonic letter about going to the store and nothing else as evidence these men were in a relationship?

        If Vlad Bloodvein is beautiful to himself, good for him; keep living your best life, boo.

      • feroshgirl
        Apr 7, 2021

        THAT LETTER HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA I have died. Perfect. Fucking perfect.

  • ThePlumbob
    Apr 27, 2021

    Apparently I missed this one, and it came out a month ago 😖 Oops. On the bright side, it means I have BBD to read, woop!

    Oh wow, I did not expect Penny to defeat L Faba. I was starting to ponder whether that means that Penny is far more powerful than we realised, or that the pure magic sages are far less powerful than I gave them credit for, but clearly I just glossed over the fact that L Faba did sort of get attacked by Alice, Vlad and the rest. That would weaken her, for sure.

    L Faba does have a good point. Alice is only just growing into her powers, her moral compas is a lot more… fluid than many people’s, and dating Vlad’s not exactly going to help on that front. A few chapters back, Morgyn told William the various tales about gods and how dangerous they are with their fickle terrifying powers and lack of mortal perspective (ok, Morgyn didn’t put it like that, really, but that was sort of the takeaway). Why would Alice really be the exception? All we’ve seen of her so far plays into the definition of those gods in the paintings, not against.

    “You’re not ready for answers.” On second thouht, get bent, L Faba. All Penny’s wanted her whole life are answers. You don’t get to just walk away acting all superior, you’re bloody singed, there are no other sages left in the realm and you’re in dire need for allies.

    Aww, they’re baking together. I guess Gwendolyn used to be a brownie scout so she might know a bit about it. But man, she’ll never get to have chocolate and all that again, that’s tough on a kid. Haha, queen of hell doesn’t necessarily sound out of scope of possibility with her parents, lol.

    I forgot Alice used to want to be a painter! Brings me back to L Faba’s point – how much of the original Alice and her aspirations is really left? I know she’s ‘technically’ the same person, she’s not been snatched, mind-wiped and replaced by a body double, but at the same time, she’s been through a lot in a short space of time, her life has changed fundamentally as have the people in it. The way she thinks of herself is not the same anymore. Which makes me wonder about what constitutes identity, and how much anyone ever really stays “themselves” but that’s a tangent and a half 😅

    Ooh, the basement. I wonder what’s actually there. Not sure I’m believing L Faba is being all that transparent here. She has an agenda of her own, of course, and quite the laundry list for revenge. I know I said she has a point above, and she does, but I don’t trust her. She’s definitely no saint. But Penny is fragile and will do exactly what L Faba wants. Penny, how well did blindly following people work out so far? You had Miko’s mess, you had Alice’s mess, don’t fall into L Faba’s mess… all of them left you stripped bare, this will not be different.

    Lol, a sales person for immortality. I think immortality only sounds good on paper. If you have an eternity to live, what goves your life meaning? Plus, an eternity means sooner or later, you will colossally eff up. As we have seen in BBD, haha. None of these eternal beings have gained an eternal maturity, because that’s not really a thing. If you live forever, consequneces of actions become blurred and muddled, so presumably the older you are the more of a loose canon you become. Noth that you asked for my hot take on a fictional construct 😆

    “In my defense, this is usually the point in the tv show where the character has some kind of revelation and everything they need to do is clear to them. But the only thing I’m 100% sure of is that I want you to take off my pants.” 😂 This line is gold. And so true to life. These guys may be gods and demi-gods, but that statement is painfully relatable. So what do you do when that revelation doesn’t come? Life will not wait for you to figure it out like a TV show will…

    Gwendolynn has exceptional short term memory. I’m jealous.

    Oh yay, it’s William. Still brooding over that booty call, I see. William, focus on something more useful now, you can’t exactly undo what you’ve done, even when that happens to be a god. (Yes I went there, no regrets, lol!)

    Oh boy. She pushed Penny down the stairs. I want to be surprised, but I can’t say I am. That’s not looking good for Penny. But I guess we’ll finally find out what’s down there…

    Ahem, and you leave us on Morgyn just casually dreaming about some bigass secrets that could change everything. Oooh boy. Morgyn, you have got to learn to share, dang it! I need to know, err, I mean, it will be good for your relationship with Aurelius!

    Oh damn, that sneak preview!!! *faints* Sooo… when is the next chapter?

    • feroshgirl
      May 1, 2021

      LOL!!! Well the good thing about reading the chapter late is that there is less of wait for you. I’m doing some final edits so the next chapter will be posted tomorrow!

      Anyways, I am completely fascinated by how everyone reads these characters. I mean, Alice is very morally gray! It’s easy to forget that when you are in her perspective but you’re completely right: her moral compass is fluid, Vlad’s is…er…nonexistent, and while she is early in her development you can see the propensity for tunnel vision coupled with vast and terrifying power.

      But also, L. Faba is complicated. As evidenced by how easily she pushed Penny into the basement. What’s in there that she and Morgyn have been so worried about? Don’t worry! I’m sure it’s fine! Totally innocuous and nothing to be concerned about at all.

      *was L. Faba in that fight?* strange, we didn’t see her or hear any mention of her so…

      “None of these eternal beings have gained an eternal maturity, because that’s not really a thing. If you live forever, consequences of actions become blurred and muddled, so presumably the older you are the more of a loose canon you become.”

      And that, ladies and gentlepeople, is a BBD world thesis statement. YES!!!! Hahaha, 100%. From William brooding over the booty (lol I will never not laugh at that) to Morgyn and all their secrets, these long-lived creatures really struggle with letting things go and not making things worse or giving into their worst impulses.

      Don’t worry though, Morgyn will share a lot next chapter. Now, whether its something you want to hear, well…I can’t promise that…

      Ahh! Glad you loved the sneak peek! It took me forever but I’m finally finished, give or take a few special effects. I really had to make that first because everything had to lead to that moment so now that’s it done, I can breathe a lil easier.

      HAHAHAHHA yes Alice might be a god but she is still relatable AF lol. I mean, we know she’s got some issues with procrastination so who knows how it will turn out?!?!?!

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