Custom Content

Creating a story like this would be impossible without the work of some fantastic CC creators and builders. Below, you’ll find a list of the (massive) amount of CC I regularly have in my game, sorted by creator and/or builder. If I use new CC that isn’t on this list, I’ll note it at the end of a chapter or in the video credits list. I will likely have forgotten to post a link in the rare instance of something I created myself, so just ask if you’d like to download it.

Save File

This entire story takes place within the Fleuralia Save File. If you have not checked this out, you should. It’s insanely detailed and really makes the game come alive with everything from custom holidays to rental lots in each world. I got wind of this from Simmy Tee’s YouTube channel. You can peep the overview here. You can safely assume any lot I don’t credit separately is from this save file. I also use a ton of build stuff by Harrie and Felix.

Other Builds

Alice’s House is “Meadow House” by SimplyCoCo94 (You can peep their YouTube channel here)

Vlad’s House is “Chalet Champ De Lavande” by BeeOlivee

Caleb’s House/Glimmerbrook Downtown is “Glimmerbrook Village” by Llongyfarchiadau

Anastasia’s House is “Condo Bayview” by MrOlkan (You can peep their YouTube channel here)

Magic HQ is “Magic HQ” by Brainamp87

Goth Brindleton Bay House is “Victorian Reno” by Plath67

Sages’ House is “Kudarth Manor” by DevonBumpkin (You can peep their YouTube channel here)

Some of the precinct shots when Bella is working come from “Police Headquarters Room” by zitapita13

Penny’s office is “Da Room of News” by Resirose

Morgyn/William’s House is “Vacation Getaway” by MorrowFiber

Poses and Animations

Sewer Sims

Accessories, Clothing, Hair & “Lewks”

I regularly use clothing, hair, accessories, and make-up from the following creators:








The T.O.O.L Mod and Better BuildBuy by TwistedMexi. If you don’t have this in your game, get it. It will save you hours of resetting poses. I also regularly use the Daybreak/Underworld Mod.

I would be nothing without Pose Player and Studio Effects by Andrew’s Studio and the Teleport mod by Scumbumbo.

And thank goodness for ChippedSim’s Storytelling Toolkit.

Custom Paintings and Family Photos

I used the following cc to help make my custom portraits and family photos. You’ll find these littered throughout the story:

Madame Rococo Dress by HistoricalSimsLife

Jane Austen Inspired Poses by Atashi77

Engagement Photoshoot by Atashi77

First Steps Poses by Atashi77

Christmas Card Family Poses by Atashi77

Be My Bella Poses by hunter of foxes

Very Gothic Portraits by Another Plumbob

Besties Pose Pack by Katverse

Tea Rose Dress and Sola Veil by Plumbob Tea Society

“LoveTrain Roller Disco” lot by tinalice 

Family Pose Pack by Beto

16th Century Gown by Simulated Styles

Nilfgaardian Armor by Plazasims

How Roccoco Dress by History Lovers Sims Blog

Georgiana Roccoco Updo by History Lovers Sims Blog

Everyday Roccoco Suit by History Lovers Sims Blog

Cepzid’s Afternoon Ride Recolored by History Lovers Sims Blog

Simlish Handwriting Fonts by Franzilla