Dates, Details, and Updates

Season Finale, Season Two Plans, and—for the love of all that is holy—the end of my summer hiatus.

See y’all? I haven’t lost my flair for the dramatic. As you can probably tell, the summertime has been slow. Will I admit to becoming distracted by the Horse Ranch expansion and moving Vlad and Alice out to Chestnut Ridge? Yes. Will I also admit to taking some much-needed vacation time and playing a ton of D&D, and mainlining the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen instead of working on my story? Also yes.

Fine, that last part is only half true. I shot a very insane machinima for the season finale that I’m in the process of editing because I’m unwell. Also, I’ve gotten into making TikToks of my sims because, of course, I have.

Anyway, I’ve got some updates on when stuff is going to be coming out. Believe it or not, I’ve already started writing and screenshots for season 2. I’ve been stepping up my cc game, so expect some updated looks and lovely new locations. Here’s a sneak peek so you know I’m telling the truth:

I’d tell you more about this shot, but you know—spoilers.

Season One Finale

Excited for this! I’ve been cooking up so much unhinged goodness; I can’t wait for y’all to read it. I plan to drop the final two chapters + epilogue starting Sunday, September 3rd. Yep, that’s:

Chapter 27: Bring a Hammer (9/3/23)

Chapter 28, Part 1: Apocalypse Now (9/10/23)

Chapter 28, Part 2: Apocalypse Later (9/17/23)

Epilogue (9/24/23)

Season 2 Premiere

What sort of insanity will these characters get into next? And who is gonna be joining them? Oh, believe me, I got lots of things planned. So if you’ve missed Don Lothario as the Grim Reaper…

Or Deacon Sparacino as the President of the Bestest Himbos that Must Be Protected at All Costs Club…

Or wondered what happened to them after Baking By Death…

I’ve got all that coming and more. I’m aiming to start dropping Chapters on Sunday, October 8th. In an effort to maintain my sanity, I’ll be releasing season two in smaller (but hopefully more consistent) batches. Expect to get three or four chapters at a time, with a short break in-between.

That’s all for now!

See you soon, have a good summer, and thanks for reading <3

  • SirianaSims
    Aug 14, 2023

    Yay! Your break was well-deserved but I can’t wait for you to be back and bless us with more Strauds! Now I really need to hurry up and finish BBD before October so I can catch all the references ❤️

  • Kymber Hawke
    Aug 15, 2023

    Woot woot! It’s great to see you’ll be back soon. 🤍🌺

  • Yimiki
    Aug 24, 2023

    Haha, never lose your flair for the dramatic, Ferosh! It is, as always, highly entertaining 🤭 I’m just as guilty of turning to other things for Summer *cough* bards *cough* but I’m excited to hear about what you’ve got in store for us! Pretty screenshot 🤩 Lilith does not seem to mind at all, lol. And yay! Don and Deacon!

  • Pink Me
    Aug 27, 2023

    Hey friend,

    I know I suck at having kept up. Heh, life. Can I just say how proud I am of you that you are chug-chug-chugging out stories, despite all that you have going on! You are inspiring. Holy shit your photos look amazing. I love how you always have something (from making movies to learning ANOTHER skill) that challenge yourself to do and perfect. Again, inspiring.

    and jfc, why do you have to tempt me with don-fucking-lothario? Why you gotta hate on Pink like this? Ugh, now I gotta be THAT PERSON that lurks on stories just so I can see that hot pixelation. AND WHAT ARE THOSE CHEST TATTOOS! ugh, fml. You know I mean this with all love. <3 keep kicking ass!

  • jolene_jolene
    Sep 10, 2023

    Hey Ferosh,

    Gravatar is not working, so ignore that. I’m also a newish reader. I’ve only just gotten to the new stuff

    Just double checking that you’re on schedule because yesterday (10th) there was meant to be a post, and so far there has not been anything. It may just be an Australia thing because we’re on the other side of the world and I believe you’re American.

    Thanks anyways.

    • feroshgirl
      Sep 11, 2023

      Omg welcome! You are right, I am a bit behind. I got Covid pretty bad and wasn’t able to get the chapters loaded into WordPress. I’m finally starting to feel better so expect me to pick back up again next week. Thanks for reading and hope you’re enjoying all the chaos 🥳😂😈

      • jolene_jolene
        Sep 11, 2023

        Chaos you say… Hmm, let me think.


        Also, when I was setting up my wordpress account, I played around with the site features. Seriously, that stuff is hard to do.

      • feroshgirl
        Sep 12, 2023

        LOL oh don’t you worry, these beautiful lunatics do not lack for drama. Also, wordpress really is a bear to learn. I think I just barely know how to get stuff to do what I want it to do at this point.

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