Lits I Love

Simlits I am literally obsessed with.

May you find something odd and unhinged that steals your heart. 


A masterclass in taking a seemingly straightforward format (legacy challenge) and transforming it into a narrative of a family that feels so real you think you know them. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hardly notice the odd and otherworldly creeping up behind you. Come for Daddy Don; stay for the sharp dialogue, don't say I didn't warn you about the danger to your heart.


Two families in a universe where death is optional that is both deliciously bonkers and fascinating. Full of complex and challenging writing that rewards you with so many mic drops once your brain sinks into it. Also, check out Haunted , the stunningly drawn comic about two beloved characters in 90s-era San Myshuno. It is, in a word: perfection.


The tagline, "a tangled story of vampires and glory," tells you this story is f#$king wild in all the best ways. People gifted with immortality and incredible power who have absolutely no business having either try to stop destroying their own lives. Complete with teenagers making destructive choices, witty banter, and a scheming murderous vampire. My simself has a cameo, so, like, watch out.


King Arthur Times with the most beautiful screenshots you've ever seen. Yimiki puts her own twist on the stories of Camelot and somehow manages to make you feel deep empathy for characters you know you're supposed to hate. It's twisty and sad and funny and sometimes scary. Basically, a romp. Read it and watch for me trying to make ships in the comments.


The best way to describe the adventures of DJ is a constant party where you've been drinking and dancing and having a great time before you realize that you're not having fun and you are, in fact, in danger. Actually, the best way to describe the adventures of DJ is to imagine a tale of glitz, glamour, raunch, and humor, but it wasn't written by the fae, and the longer you wallow in it, the closer you are to having your throat torn out. 10/10.


This blog contains odd and beautiful tales that will cheerfully lead you into a brightly-lit room, hand you a cup of tea and ask you to take a load off. Before you know it, you're relaxing, flipping through a few books, congratulating yourself on your choices. And then you notice that actually, it's been quiet for a while...and wait...why are the curtains closed? Where are the doors? Can anyone hear your shouting? HELLO?!?!?!?!?


Magic—but hear me out—Magic in a society where witches are hunted, vampires have incredible wardrobes, and the church is a throwback to Sims Medieval that'll make you giggle. The screenshots are mesmerizing, and Snowbnuuy makes a ton of their own poses. If you like your history of the occult with drama, scene-stealing side characters, and found family, then this story is for you.