Happy High-School Years!


Listen, I know that family gameplay is not the vibe for every simmer, but for me? THIS PACK IS GLORIOUS. Now that I’ve got almost all my supernaturals in place with the addition of werewolves, I will 100% be making a supernatural high school save.

In the meantime, I decided to pour myself a glass of wine, throw on the Millennial Mixtape, and do Dizzywhim’s Teen-A-Day challenge. Honestly, y’all, I had a blast.

I’ve got plans for an ahem—strange—non-canon side adventure and maybe a machinima that really smells like teen spirit (wink, wink).

But now, time to play this expansion pack for approximately eleventy-billion hours.


Bella Goth, #18 – Teacher’s Pet

Caleb Vatore, #23 – Sk8ter Boi

Penny Pizzazz, #1 – Cheer Captain

Anastasia Barrister, #12 – Bully

Alice Martin, #20 – Artist

Vladislaus Straud, #8 – Hipster

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In addition to the  CC I regularly use in the game and buildings from the Fleuralia Save File, I also used the following builds and custom content:


Intense Emotions by StarrySimsie

Pack #32 by SovaSims

Pack #22 by SovaSims

Skateboarding Posepack by SimmingSwimmingly

Skateboards by Haneco

Cheerleading Poses by Sims4BookCreations

Monster High Cheerleading Pom Poms by Colores Urbanos

Reading a Book Poses by Katverse

Painting Poses by Katverse


Classroom by SarahAmina

  • Ninja Pink Sex
    Jul 30, 2022

    First off, Here are now, entertain us! But also, with the lights out it’s less dangerous and you know how I love danger. So uh, let’s get dangerous, Ferosh….

    Speaking of danger,
    Ana-gone-punk has me sexually confused, and usually that’s Penny who leaves me in such a state. ESPN is calling and I guess I’m tuning into the sports channel. Oh, but hey, they have golf, so uh… swinging good time 😀

    I LOVE your rendition of Teacher’s Pet Bella (miss goody-two-shoes). I’m just waiting for a certain sk8er boi to untie her tight laces.

    I would never have wrapped my brain around Penny being a cheerleader, but (and I know this isn’t necessarily tied to The Strauds and maybe more tied to who she is in-game) she IS a reporter and you can’t just throw people around and yell at them and expect to get a story from them (unless they’re Ana) … y’know NOW that I think about it, Ana is EXTREMELY trusting of Penny to disclose some personal life info that could get her on the cover of ALL the tabloids.

    I’d follow Ana. Fuck, I’d pop a tit for Ana.

    The Simstagram photos at the end made this AMAZEBALLS. Great work! I can tell you had a lot of fun designing this and it was a fun adventure (hopefully we will be see more :D)

    • feroshgirl
      Jul 31, 2022

      Anastasia is just luring them in lol! It was sort of hilarious to make teenage versions of these characters because they’re mostly immortal monsters. I cackled every time I was like: Caleb likes skateboarding 😂

      It was fun and as you know, I am trying to make myself NOT turn this into a fully blown side adventure that distracts me from the story I am allegedly finishing 😂

      • Ninja Pink Sex
        Jul 31, 2022

        Lmao, if Ana was tatted up it would be game, set, match. I’m putty for a punker with sleeves or a neck tattoo. Anywaaaaaays, will we be seeing Ana getting her hands on Penny’s pom poms? (I’m typing this comment from my computer so pretend there’s a devil emoji after that sentence… or a gif of Gerald “It’s a Christmas Gift”).

        I’m upset that Teen HS didn’t come with a skate park. My gawd, THAT is the CC we all need and deserve. I want to see Caleb pop an ollie and then Bella.

        Yeah, I have to practice this annoying thing called restraint and not try to corrupt you into creating this team-dream side project. I can only keep this need/want/my nature in control for so long…. *spike eating gif*

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