Lits I love OLD

Simlits that I am literally obsessed with.

Catastrophe Theory & Haunted by Dolly Llama. According to the description, Catastrophe Theory is a story about two families in a universe where death is optional. It is as deliciously bonkers and fascinating as you would expect. I am warning you now, you will become obsessed with the characters. Speaking of which, Haunted is Dolly’s stunningly drawn comic about one such character, making their way in 90s era San Myshuno. It is, in a word: perfection.

Almost Eternal by Snuffybucket. God, this story is f#$king wild, in all the best ways. The tagline is “a tangled story of vampires and glory.” I call it a story of people gifted with immortality and incredible power who have absolutely no business having either. Come for the teenagers making destructive choices; stay for the witty banter. My simself has a cameo, so like, watch out.

Tales of Camelot by Yimiki. Guys, it’s King Arthur Times with the most beautiful screenshots you’ve ever seen! You may know the stories of Camelot, but Yimiki puts her own twist on them. You will laugh, you will cry, you will feel deep empathy for characters you know you’re supposed to hate, and you won’t even understand how it happened. Basically, just read this.

Britechester After Dark by Black Undecimber. This is a weird and most excellent adventure, and it is worth diving into. The one-line synopsis is: In Britechester, 2085, five university students (and a cat) make a living out of helping those who walk the edge between life and death. HOW CAN YOU NOT READ THAT?

The Blackwell Chronicles by The Plumbob. Let me see, this story stars a “fiery redhead with a hidden unlucky trait, and according to a certain elf, a bit of a buzzkill.” She goes down the rabbit hole, and like, it’s a very deep hole with Sages, vampires, secret worlds, and more. Everyone in it is so beautifully broken; they seem like real people who want to yell at and root for and then sometimes yell at again. It’s awesome. What are you waiting for?

Supernatural Misadventures by Lonecat82. I cannot express how completely delightful and hilarious this story is. I mean, it’s noir, but instead of a grizzled dude-bro, you get Hailey, a slightly clumsy, big-hearted, aspiring supernatural investigator. It is a total blast; the mystery is fun, and believe me when I say you will be guessing about whodunit the whole time!

The Sun and Her Fire by Snowbnuuy. This is a recent addition to my reading list, and I love it. Start here if you’ve ever been curious about the many depictions of Morgyn Ember, Sage of Mischief Magic. Read this story now. Actually, just read everything they write; it’s all fantastic.