The Embodiments

Beasts from below.

The Embodiments are personifications of states and emotions, bound to the God of Death. They may seem “human,” but they are not. The original God of Death, B’Ollithiranon, called them into being against the advice of the Universe. By the time Underworld Family Values takes place, they have been in physical forms for well over 2000 years.

Warning: if you’re currently reading Baking By Death, this character page may contain spoilers.



Eris has never met a fight she didn’t want to have. She’s never met a creature incapable of being riled up, either. Despite her name, Discord likes to have a good time, and she’s happiest when she’s laughing. Laughing at the misery of others, maybe, but laughing all the same.

Eris’s Custom Content

Bloodthirst Collection by Pralinesims; New World Statement Lip Ring by Pralinesims (V2); HEARTBEAT, HEARTBREAK Piercing and Earring Set by Pralinesims (V1); Your Affection Heart Headband by Pralinesims; Neon Angel Wings by Oranos; Agatha Set by graffiti


[Model Poses 30 by Helgatisha]



Eris has never met a fight she didn’t want to have. She’s They call him the Sorrow Keeper, but it would be a mistake to think of Oizys as morose. He doesn’t feel the thing that feeds him, but that hasn’t stopped him from having an almost clinical understanding of it. He enjoys making wry observations, wearing well-tailored suits, and keeps a set of knives strapped to his wings. 

Oizys’s Custom Content

Long Straight Hair (male) by Kijiko; Ingvar Suit (Original by Varden Golzen) linked from Sue at SueLadyLinks; E-Boy XL Makeup collection by Pralinesims; Reaper Wings by Raccoonium; Bloodthirst Collection by Pralinesims


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Asclepius enjoys being around mortals; her power multiplies in their presence. Regardless of the threat she poses, they appear to find her fascinating—and the interest runs both ways. Asclepius finds them very interesting, like bugs she’d like to hold under a magnifying glass and examine…perhaps while the sun is shining. 

Asclepius’s Custom Content

Bonnie Hair by okruee; Cora Witch Jacket by Helsoseira; Ghost Skeleton Make-up by PYXIS; Bat Wings by Nolan-Sims; Bloodthirst Collection by Pralinesims


[Model Poses 30 by Helgatisha]



Describing Algea is very simple: do not, under any circumstances, ever fuck with him. Once that’s understood, a creature might find that Agony is very wise, that he wields pain with nuance, and, like Phobos, has a deep understanding of what makes one suffer.

Asclepius’s Custom Content

Daredevil Horns by Pralinesims; Thunder Ear Piercing Set by Pralinesims (V3); Celestic Set TS4 by lunanelfeah; Bloodthirst Collection by Pralinesims


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Curae has moved from being an antagonist of the mortal world to being curious about it. While his nervousness may seem strange, he’s been around long enough to know that the worlds are full of things to be afraid of.

Curae’s Custom Content

Division Monocle Collection by Pralinesims; Men’s Clothing Set from Vampyr by Plazasims; Jupiter’s Eagle by OBJ sims;  Bloodthirst Collection by Pralinesims


[Male 10 Poses by Helgatisha]