The Old Gods

Cruel, capricious, and gifted with enormous power.

The gods who managed to survive the political gauntlet of the pantheon have done so by being ruthless and unyielding. With the power to wield the nine schools of magic, build realms, and shape the lives of mortals and supernaturals alike, there is little else out there that can rival their influence. Perhaps that’s why they’ve become so protective of it, even if that means going to war. 

Warning: if you’re currently reading Baking By Death, this character page may contain spoilers.

B’Ollithiranon (BEN)

Ferryman, Former God of Death

According to the stories, B’Ollithiranon fell down to the plane of mortals and lesser supernatural beings after his lover, the Goddess Elmyra, betrayed him. His family made a great sacrifice to save him, and thus, he became the God of Death, Agriculture, Fertility, Resurrection, and Nectar. Of course, the truth is more complicated than that. B’Ollithiranon may seem like a frat-boy in eternal search of a kegger, but he may just be the most clever and cunning of all the gods.

B’Ollithiranon’s Custom Content

Bog Witch Claws – Version 1 by Sewer Sims;  Dipped Gradients (Hand Tattoos) by habsims;  Glowing Eyemasks by NV Games;  Fallen Valar Crown by Natalia-Auditore;  Elrond Hair by Natalia-Auditore;  Detlaff Set by Plazasims


Pious God of the Sun

Omar deals in evocation magic—the calling forth of spiritual energy and manipulation of unseen power. He is described as pompous and cruel and gained his title of piety by being terrifyingly efficient at his work. As the main instigator of the god wars, he has all but conquered the rest of the pantheon. And the God of the Sun has no intention of letting anyone or anything unseat him. 

Omar’s Custom Content

Queen Set for TS4 by Ersch Sims, Demise Eyes N36 by Pralinesims


Goddess of the Hunt

Elmyra is known as the Mistress of Divination Magic. Others describe her as selfish, childish, and prone to rages. Fitting since the magic she wields is focused on hunting things down. And once she catches them? Well, then she’s free to use them for her own ends…whatever they may be.

Elmyra’s Custom Content

Eltariel Set by Plazasims


Goddess of Sound

Sol is the master handler of Abjuration—the suppression of magic. Given her druthers, she could sing a tune to call out a witch’s power or turn a vampire mortal. In fact, the history tomes say she’s done both. Though she always comes across as demure and sweet, there is nothing to indicate that she is any less cruel than the other gods. Other than her longtime marriage to Nyx, that is. Maybe the Goddess of Sound is as sweet as she looks…

Sol’s Custom Content

Swan Dress by Zeussim, Earth Eyes N98 NON-DEFAULT + HETEROCHROMIA by Pralinesims, Thorns by rotten-eyed & c-cerberus-sims-s


Goddess of Night

Nyx is the wielder of mischief magic who currently exists in physical form as L. Faba. She is known for her incredible parties, voracious cult members, and lively crew of sex demons. Despite all the excess surrounding her, Nyx is actually quite practical and down-to-earth. Somehow, she has managed to maintain a marriage to Sol for well over 3000 years.

Nyx’s Custom Content

Capricorn Horn Accessory by Screaming Mustard, Vibrant Demon Eyes by KOTIIJ, Black Dress by ZouYou


Goddess of Reason

The wisest creatures know that change is the center of all things. It is the only constant, the lifeblood of creation. It makes sense then that Sulis was the wielder of transmutation magic. Since their separation, the Goddess of Reason has not been quite herself. In fact, the other gods would go so far as to say she’s lost her ever-loving mind.

Sulis’s Custom Content


God of Sleep

Originally one of the Embodiments, Somnus was made a god by B’Ollithiranon in his first test of using the Owl of Ascension. He wields enchantment magic and can be pretty charming. Other creatures describe him as polite, an artistic genius, and utterly untrustworthy.

Somnus’s Custom Content

Face Scars by NV Games, Tera Conversion – Part 5 by Luna, Demise Eyes N36 by Pralinesims


The Titans: Parents to Akira and Titania, the Titans were one of the many gods who went up against Omar in the early god wars and lost. 

Pinot (God of Cryptomancy), Orbalis (God of Agriculture), and Marshala (Goddess of Fertility): B’Ollithiranon’s family gave up their godhood to save him after Elmyra’s betrayal. Pinot dealt in Cryptomancy—one of the reasons why oracles are notorious drunks. Orbalis commanded Conjuration, allowing him to summon plants, animals, even creatures. Marshala was the wielder of Untamed Magic (Morgyn Ember). 

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