Main Characters

Here be gods, monsters, and everything in between.

Meet your protagonists—the characters you’ll love, hate, and root for. Most of Baking by Death and Underworld Family Values is told from their perspectives, though others may get the occasional POV.

Warning: if you’re currently reading Baking By Death, this character page may contain spoilers.

Alice Martin

God of Death, Agriculture, Fertility, Resurrection & Nectar

Former store clerk, current god, new mother. Alice Martin has come a long way from the stock room of StrangerVille’s weirdest convenience store. As the latest addition to the pantheon of gods via a reality TV baking contest (as you do), Alice is in the midst of a supernatural power struggle. She is prickly and stubborn but also profoundly empathetic. Despite his penchant for eating mortal hearts, she loves Vlad and adores the family they’ve built.

Alice’s Custom Content

Electra Hair Set by okruee; Victoria Dress by Sentate (June 2021 Collection); Bog Witch Claws – Version 1 by Sewer Sims; Eyes by Pralinesims (Bloodthirst Collection); Oasis Eyes by Pralinesims; E-Boy XL Makeup collection by Pralinesims


[Pose Pack 31 by Katverse]

[Dastardly Poses by Sewer Sims]

Vladislaus Straud

Phobos (Fear)

Supernatural warlord, Fear Itself, Stay-at-Home dad. Vladislaus Straud has been a terror of the magical and mortal worlds for centuries. As the living embodiment of fear, he’s heralded as an unpredictable force in the pantheon of gods. Though running into a certain store clerk during a baking contest and a tiny troublesome witch has changed him, he remains ruthless in addition to being soft-hearted. 

Vlad’s Custom Content

Slim Fit Turtleneck by Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla; Cropped Slacks by Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla; Angel Wings by Natalia Auditore; White Out Eyes by Sewer Sims; Gnarly Talons by Sewer Sims; Blood Accessory by Natalia Auditore; Oasis Eyes by Pralinesims


[Dastardly Poses by Sewer Sims]

Caleb Vatore


Former aristocrat, deadly butler, beach bum. Caleb Vatore was the toast of 18th century Magnolia Promenade until his father gambled the family’s wealth away. Murdered and brought to vampirism by Vladislaus Straud, Caleb spent centuries helping the vampire run his empire. He is brilliant, resourceful, has a hard time with boundaries (his therapist’s words), and keeps with Vlad’s tradition of stab first, ask questions second.

Caleb’s Custom Content

Bloody Lips by Pralinesims (Bloodthirst Collection); Vest Suit by Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla; Oasis Eyes by Pralinesims


[Dastardly Poses by Sewer Sims]

William REdding


Serial monogamist and last great knight of Windenburg. During Josef Straud’s reign in the 15th century, William was plucked from his home and chosen to serve the castle. While there, he met his husband, Tobias, and became close friends with Vladislaus. William has never wavered in his loyalty, even if friendship with the latter ended his mortal life. The former knight is a flirt, has a wicked sense of humor, and is usually the voice of reason. Though it should be noted that beneath that congenial smile is a solid steel spine.

WIlliam’s Custom Content

Ingvar Suit (Original by Varden Golzen) linked from Sue at SueLadyLinks;  Oasis Eyes by Pralinesims


[Emotions 5 by Simmerberlin]

Morgyn Ember

Untamed Magic

Former Sage and lover of secrets. Morgyn Ember has existed as untamed magic since the formation of the worlds, though not always in physical form. Enigmatic with a caustic sense of humor, they aren’t shy about being the most intelligent creature in the room. Despite how much they openly disdain love and sentimentality, deep down, they are driven by it. It’s just another one of their many secrets…

Morgyn’s Custom Content

Alexander McQueen Suit by HoangLapSims; E-Boy XL Makeup collection by Pralinesims; Oasis Eyes by Pralinesims


[Male Model Pose Pack N3 by Nell]

[Witch Poses by simsgami]

AKira Kibo

Fae, Titan

Fallen god, fierce warrior, fast as the Fae. They call him the Rushlight for his speed and ability to burn through battles quickly, but for Akira Kibo, that name is associated with pain. As a Titan, the fae warrior’s family was once part of the pantheon of gods, but a series of betrayals have left them as mere supernaturals. Tough, grizzled, but unfailingly caring, Akira is haunted by his past relationships and poor choices.

Akira’s Custom Content

Face Bruises by Nell; Harness Shirt by Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla; Lenses N3 by Nell; Sephiroth Sword by Natalia Auditore; Elf Ears by Sikoi; Oasis Eyes by Pralinesims


[Sephiroth Pose Pack by Natalia Auditore]

[Male 10 Poses by Helgatisha]

Mikel Burleson


Alien and self-proclaimed loser. Mikel may have crash-landed in Simnation, but it always felt like more of his home than Sixam ever was. He keeps his origins a secret, disguising his true form and hiding his skill with weapons and combat. A fan of whipping up a good meal, Mikel is affable and loving, described by his friends as inherently good. This means the alien is often underestimated, a mistake that proves to be many a creature’s undoing.

Mikel’s Custom Content

Leather Jacket and Turtleneck by Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla; Oasis Eyes by Pralinesims


[Cetrion Poses by Helgatisha]

Miss Hell (Anastasia)


Skilled assassin, woman for all seasons. If you asked Miss Hell to describe herself, she would probably use the word “survivor.” Reborn a vampire through mysterious circumstances, she has been involved with gods and supernaturals as the ultimate assistant and assassin. Ruthless, cunning, and clever, she claims that the only side she’s on is her own. Anastasia does have a weak spot, but thinking she can’t adapt is one of the biggest mistakes her enemies have ever made.

Miss Hell’s Custom Content

Plunge Suit by Sentate (Fall/Winter 2018 Collection); E-Boy XL Makeup collection by Pralinesims; Oasis Eyes by Pralinesims


[Halloween Power Poses by Helgatisha]

[Model Poses 30 by Helgatisha]

Penny Pizzazz


Don’t call her wicked. Penny has a complicated relationship with other witches. After losing her family and being branded as wicked, she’s eeked out a living on the fringes of witch society. She is fearless, a fighter, and also considers herself a survivor. But Penny is more than what meets the eye, and “witch” is only the beginning…

Penny’s Custom Content

Dana Dress by Sentate (June 2021 Collection); Oasis Eyes by Pralinesims; Lenses N2 by Nell; Bloodthirst Collection by Pralinesims


[Emotions 7 by Simmerberlin]

[Cetrion Poses by Helgatisha]


Transmutation Magic

Nine hundred years and mad as a hatter. Once upon a time, Transmutation was the magic wielded by the Goddess of Reason, but an alarming betrayal left him in isolation for over nine centuries. Before, he was a creative and hopeful soul with an easy laugh. Now he is lost in his own thoughts, disconnected from the experiences of other creatures, and determined to tear apart the fabric of reality. The last part is concerning, but who knows? Maybe things will change.

Janus’s Custom Content

Turtleneck Sweater with Fingerless Gloves by Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla; Chino Pants by Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla; Lenses N3 by Nell; Oasis Eyes by Pralinesims


[Emotions 4 by Simmerberlin]

[Dastardly Poses by Sewer Sims]


Thread of Fate, Pixie

Hero. Victim. Manipulator? As a Thread of Fate, Miko has always had a complicated relationship with control. When you are tasked with making sure things play out according to the plan set forth by the Fates, the lines around autonomy can become very blurry. Blurrier still when one of your powers is manipulating emotions. Still, Miko is convinced her decisions are made for the greater good. She is bubbly and polite and would be surprised to find that other creatures have described her as cruel and selfish.

Miko’s Custom Content

Miko’s Look: Bianca Top by Sentate (January 2021 Collection); Lenses N3 by Nell; Oasis Eyes by Pralinesims


[Female 15 Posepack by Cassandra Grusel]