Main Characters

Baking By Death

Here be gods, vampires, witches, and monsters of all kinds.

You can’t have supernatural shenanigans without a bunch of supernatural characters.

Alice Martin

Alice is twenty-nine years old and cursed. Since the age of thirteen, she’s been sharing her headspace with Ben, the God of Death (and resurrection and agriculture and fertility and nectar, as he often reminds her). The arrogant, all-powerful being has run roughshod over her life, but Alice is determined to put an end to it once and for all. Will a reality TV baking contest with a magical prize be her chance?

Akira Kibo

Fast as the Fae. The Fae have their own realm and ways, but they understand that the balance of the worlds must be maintained. For a long time, Akira’s job was ensuring that no one world got out of control…by any means necessary. But that was until he met the one. Now, he has no interest in getting involved in any sort of multi-world battle. But he might have no choice if he wants to save her.

Caleb Vatore

Valet. Butler. Spy. Caleb Vatore can press a mean crease in a pair of pants and press an informant for information. It’s a skill he learned long before he became a vampire. Caleb Vatore is the kind of vampire most creatures hope to not encounter—prone to violence, short-tempered, and excellent at cards. His relationship with Vlad is complicated due to his missing younger sister, Lilith.

Miss Hell

Miss Hell’s origin story is mysterious. In all his years of searching, Vlad has never discovered who turned her or how. All anyone knows is that her first name is Anastasia, and if you ask her about it…well…it might be the last words you ever say.

Vladislaus Straud

At 544 years old, Vladislaus Straud is a vampire uninterested in change. After running afoul of a powerful witch, Vlad finds himself dealing with one hell of a curse. Now, the brutal king of the vampires is haunted by his past deeds and struggling to contain an emotion he is very unfamiliar with: guilt. A powerful magical prize on some baking show seems like the answer to all his problems. Is he right?

Miko Ojo

Where’s the party? Pixies are mischievous, cheerful, fond of dancing and other outdoor activities. Miko Ojo definitely fits that description. She loves a party, a costume change, and a good prank. And she deeply values the close relationship she’s developed with Penny and Mikel. But Miko and the In Between Inn come with plenty of secrets. Big secrets. The kind of secrets that end worlds.

Penny Pizzazz

Wicked witch? Well, define wicked. Penny Pizzazz is not here for anyone’s shit. She may be on the outs with the Windenburg coven, but that’s because Penny Pizzazz doesn’t need a coven. She didn’t need them when her family mysteriously disappeared, and she certainly doesn’t need them now. Now, if only Mikel would stop following her around like a lovesick puppy, she could have some time for her actual work: revenge.

Vlad Bloodvein

Vlad Bloodvein is known for his snide comments, bad hair, and garish taste in suits. He adores the excess of the modern world and does not even attempt to hide how much he covets Vlad’s position as king. Like really covets it. 

William Redding

Once a knight, always a knight. When William was a young man, he was chosen for the palace guard and forced to leave his family behind. His fellow knights became his family, and Vladislaus Straud, then Prince of Windenburg, was like a little brother. He stood by Vlad through everything, even the incident that lost them their mortal lives…but it’s not easy. Friendship with Vladislaus Straud is not for the faint of heart.

Ben, The God of Death

And resurrection and agriculture and fertility and nectar. According to the stories, B’Ollithiranon fell from the realm of the Gods down to the plane of mortals and lesser supernatural beings after his lover, the Goddess Elmira, betrayed him. He’s been taking up residence in a revolving door of mortal hosts in hopes of finding the one that the Fates deem worthy of being his replacement. But everyone knows the Fates are a tricky bunch.

Mikel Burleson

He comes in peace. No, really, he does. Mikel may hail from the planet Sixam, but he’s glad to have crash-landed in the middle of Windenburg. It took him a little while, but he feels like he is really getting the hang of things. Now, if only Penny would even give him the time of day. But it’s okay; Mikel can be patient. Besides, he has no intention of returning to his old life on Sixam.