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Minor Characters

Side characters that steal your heart.

Though they may get the occasional POV, these recurring characters aren’t the main protagonists of the story…yet. Alive, dead, or somewhere in-between—it doesn’t matter. They can still be your favorite. 

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of every character in Baking By Death or Underworld Family Vacation. That would take an insane amount of effort on the author’s part, and she’s not about that life right now. 

Also, warning: if you’re currently reading Baking By Death, this character page contains spoilers.

Gwendolyn Barrister

Age: 9

Creature Type: Vampire…sort of.

The adopted daughter of Phobos (Vlad) and the God of Death (Alice) is not fond of bedtime. She does, however, enjoy scheming, arcades, and a unique blend of ice cream made from the heart of a mortal sim.

Valeria Martin

Age: 54

Creature Type: Mortal

The world’s foremost expert on momentum conservation does not suffer fools lightly. As the Pioneer of New Technologies at StrangerVille Labs and mother to the God of Death, she has no problem sharing her opinions (facts).

Cyrus Martin

Age: 60

Creature Type: Mortal

Alice’s father works as a [redacted] at StrangerVille Military Base. Since he spends most of his time doing [redacted] for the highest offices in Sim Nation, he likes to wind down with a good romance novel and an episode of reality TV. 

Maverick Martin

Age: 23

Creature Type: Mortal

The God of Death’s younger brother is a Private, Fourth Class, stationed at StrangerVille Military Base. He is incredibly charismatic and sharp as a tack. But he has terrible taste in romantic partners.

Mayra Martin

Age: 18

Creature Type: Mortal

Though she’s an engineering student at Newcrest U and a self-taught demolitions expert, Alice’s younger sister is remarkably even-keeled. She never met a sharp quip not worth making and is nowhere near as easily riled as the God of Death.

Lilith Vatore

Age: 240

Creature Type: Vampire

Caleb Vatore’s long-lost younger sister is currently living in Sulani with her daughter, Niniane. She may look delicate and sweet, but she’s fast, brilliant, and has a mean left hook that will lay a supernatural flat and kill a mortal.

Niniane vatore

Age: 16 

Creature Type: Fae

The Book of Longings refers to Lilith’s daughter as “The Lady of the Lake.” She refers to herself as “Nini,” and the only thing she really wants to do in the water is swim and practice tricks on the aqua zip.

Titania Kibo

Age: 700-ish years

Creature Type: Fae, Fallen God

In addition to being incredibly bloodthirsty, a genius, and a powerful magic user, The Queen of the Fae also hates spiral staircases. She is very close to her brother, Akira, and considers a threat against him to be a threat against her.

Deacon Sparacino

Age: 31

Creature Type: Zombie

The former bodybuilder may have crushed the 2017 IronSim competition, but he was destroyed by the Unparalleled Windenburg Baking Show. Even before the God of Death turned him into a zombie, he had one, maybe two brain cells total.


Age: Unknown

Creature Type: Siren

The self-described evil mermaid has never revealed her actual age, but it’s suspected that she’s somewhere around 80 or 90 years old. It would be a mistake to think that makes Caleb Vatore’s occasional lover weak. She runs a very profitable “imports and exports” business in Sulani.


Age: 21

Creature Type: Mortal

For reasons that are unclear to everyone, the Britechester Biology major has become fast friends with Vladislaus Straud. Jimmy enjoys juice pong, late classes, and horror movies—which, come to think of it, explains a few things.


Age: 1400, deceased

Creature Type: Fae

The King of the Fae was known for his long list of lovers—both sanctioned and unsanctioned. Though he carried himself with the gravitas of a “frat boy,” it is undeniable that fae had secrets.

The Grim Reaper

Age: Unknown

Creature type: Reaper

Yes, it’s true. The being who comes to shuffle your soul off this mortal coil does so while wearing green sneakers and battling a hangover. Grim may be a sleazeball who lost his eye in a fight with Phobos, but he has hidden depths.


Age: Unknown

Creature Type: Demigod

Daughter of Elmyra, Goddess of the Hunt, Jimena is snobby, self-centered, rude, and vicious with a bow and arrow. She is under the impression that these character traits make her popular, but even those who like her have privately expressed that they find the demigod insufferable.

Vlad Bloodvein

Age: 300

Creature Type: Vampire

Vlad Bloodvein is known for his snide comments, bad hair, and garish taste in suits. He’s also a remorseless killer who has spent the last few centuries being sick with jealousy of Vladislaus Straud.

L. Faba (mischief Magic)

Age: Eternal

Creature Type: Physical form of Mischief Magic

Formerly the Sage of Mischief Magic, Faba always has a trick up her sleeve. Whether that’s due to her nature, her love for Nyx (Goddess of Night), or her many betrayals is hard to say. It may be all three. She has a refined palate, a quick temper, and a deep loathing of non-magical creatures. 

Kaylynn straud

Age: deceased

Creature Type: Mortal

She married Vlad in 1497 in a secret ceremony presided over by William and Tobias. A commoner, it was against the castle’s rules to be wed to the then-prince, but the two were deeply in love. Kaylynn hated cooking and was unwilling to put up with any of Vladislaus’s bullshit.

Atorn Straud

Age: deceased

Creature Type: Mortal

Atorn was born to Vlad and Kaylynn in 1499. A rambunctious toddler and an even rowdier kid, the boy was a perfect combination of his parent’s personalities. He always begged Vladislaus to carve more toys on the woodworking station and take him fishing.

Josef STraud

Age: deceased

Creature Type: Mortal

Vlad’s father was the last King of Windenburg before they moved to the parliamentary system. Famous for making war in Champs Les Sims in the 1470s as a means of raising cash and known by modern scholars as “The Villian King,” it’s no surprise he was murdered in his own throne room.

Esmerelda Straud

Age: deceased

Creature Type: Mortal

Vlad’s mother was famous for creating Windenburg’s spring festival tradition. She prayed regularly to the gods and believed in magic, so much so that history books describe her as superstitious. What is less known about her is her icy demeanor and how she valued political power over her own children.

Neva straud

Age: deceased

Creature Type: Mortal

Vlad’s younger sister and the Princess of Windenburg was considered one of the greatest military strategists of the 16th century. By all accounts, she was as sweet as she was skilled with a sword, which makes her death all the more tragic.

Tobias fyres

Age: deceased

Creature Type: Mortal

The scholar and knight was William Redding’s mortal husband in the 15th century. He wrote one of the best books on Windenburg’s royal family, which scholars still referenced as a primary source today. Though he was alive when William was turned into a vampire, he elected not to be turned himself.

Contessa Arcadia

Age: 800

Creature Type: Vampire

The Queen of the San Myshuno Vampires has impeccable taste in clothing and is known for raging parties. As the current captain of the San Myshuno police department—a position secured with the help of the God of Death, she keeps the supernatural and mortal populations in line. She also runs several illegal gambling dens.

Portrait poses from: Lealllai, Angissi, JoanneBernice, Simmerberlin and Ratboysims

Gwendolyn’s Look: Vampire Teeth- Child by MahoCreations; Earth Eyes N98 NON-DEFAULT + HETEROCHROMIA by Pralinesims; Bloodthirst Collection by Pralinesims

Grim’s Eyepatch: Reaper Eyepatch by Pralinesims

Titania’s Ears: Elf Ears by Sikoi

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