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I’m a history geek, science nerd, and alleged dragon who loves a good romance book. I’ve been playing the Sims since 2000, and although NPCs constantly calling about “Journey to Batuu” infuriates me, I still love the game. I might complain, but the time I spend playing and crafting this complex fantasy universe is the price my non-neurotypical brain demands after a day of masking.

My Stories

I write paranormal romance SimLit about morally grey characters who are deeply unwell and still deserving of love. Think murder and mayhem meets Hallmark with a healthy dose of black girl magic. My SimLit is not gameplay-driven, though I borrow a lot from gameplay and use the lore as a jumping-off point. Mostly, I’m having a lot of fun with tropes, paying homage to my favorite movies, books, and TV shows, and just seeing what my unhinged mind can cook up.

My Gameplay

My gameplay is wholesome, with a touch of chaos. I do have Wicked Whims and Basemental Drugs running at all times, but overall, my gameplay save is where I let these overpowered monsters just be human. And yes, my autistic heart demands that I play with the same set of characters over and over again. 


There are many save files with many different versions (hint hint)…