Chapter 34 “Sex Demon Fight”

What is going on in this machinima? Hmm, let's see, first of all, my editing skills were much better. I still had lots to learn at this point (please note the myriad of transition effects and poor color grading), but it was better than my first video by far. In terms of the story, well, if the living embodiment of fear itself is your lover and you bring him to a nightclub where an opposing god has sent sex demons to attack you, this is what you get. The sex demons are, of course, led by Thorne Bailey.


WTF? Talking by Steven Studios

Realistic Dance: Brazilian Funk by Steven Studios

Sims 4 Animation Pack #1 | Karma is a b*tch Challenge by ConceptDesign97

Idle Animation Pack by Loovies

Action Movie Animation Pack by FlowersSimsFactory

Realistic Dance: Latin/Reggaeton by Steven Studios

Swordfighting Animation Pack by GamingTweety

Dramatic Badass Revange Look by Steven Studios

Angel Wings by Natalia-Auditore

The Sims 4 Mega Talking Animation Pack by FlowersSimsFactory

Sims 4 Action Animation Pack by SuperLadyBug

Music is “Thug Life” by Anton Vlasov

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