Chapter 37 “Magic HQ Battle”

Emotionally, this is my favorite machinima that I've made so far. If you read the story, you'll know why. Also, the editing ain't half bad! I was definitely improving at this point and finally beginning to experiment with special effects. This is also where I learned to hate keyframing.


U Got Knocked Da Fu*k Out Animation by Error404phillipsAction Animation Pack by SuperLadyBugGrim Reaper’s Scythe by leo_morg; Vlad’s eyes and claws by Sewer Sims; Vlad’s wings by Natalia-AuditoreReaper Eyepatch by PralineSims


Kpop Shadow MV AnimationIntense Confirmation AnimationWitch Themed Animation PackAction Movie Animation PackPanic Crouch Animation

Dee | WhatTheSims

Walks with PurposeStoryteller #1Standing Up AnimationModded Running Animation

Zac Frietas

Turning Back Animation PackWitch Animation PackWitch II Animation Pack

Steven Studios

Expressive Animations PackGroup Fight 3X1 AnimationSpell Fight Animation Pack

Music is “Madness” by Ruelle

VFX and SFX from FootageCrate

I would have NEVER figured out how to do all these effects without this YouTube Channel. I know he’s moved onto to something new, but holy hell this kid saved my ass.

Make stuff. Mess up. Have fun.