I could not have made this opening title sequence without CC and animations from some amazing creators.


Animation Pack #4 by SovaSims

Animation Pack #4 Treat with Cookies by Cicada Game | Animation

Animation Pack Dance Cycle by Cicada Game | Animation

Waiting Animation by SovaSims

Dramatica by WhatTheSims

Personal Animations #3 – Raindrops by SovaSims

Female Villain Talking by Steven Studios

Sit and Talk by Steven Studios

Sims 4 Action Movie Animation Pack by FlowersSimFactory

Animation Pack #7 by SovaSims

Unexpected Meeting by Cicada Game | Animation

Animation Pack #36 – Drinking and Talking by Expressive Girl

Animation Pack #9 – Screaming Name by Storysimmer 

Shocked/Scared Animation by Steven Studios

Werewolf Animation by Cicada Game | Animation

Animations Pack 37 – Hug #1 by Expressive Girl

Magic Group Pose by Beto_ae0

Sleeping animations by SovaSims

Turning Back Animation Pack by Zac Freitas

Poses & Accessories

Newspaper Accessory by Soloriya

Daddy and Child Posepack by Natalia-Auditore

Phone accessory by Quiddity-Jones

Graveyard Keeper Posepack by Natalia-Auditore

Graves by Natalia-Auditore

Family Portrait Giveaway Posepack by LavenderS4

Umbrella by Solirya

The Drug in Me is You by Cassandra Grusel

Jane Austen Inspired Poses by Atashi77


Dearly Departed Cemetery by dominque_lovely


“Things I’ve Seen” by the Spooks