“Season 3” Trailer

This video is where I finally got decent enough at machinimas to make a story trailer for BBD. I stress the word "decent." I was still a movie-making baby at this point. Please note the iMovie trailer template I used.


Sims 4 Animation Pose Magic by Люка Аламбер

Dramatic Badass Revange Look by Steven Studios

Angel Wings by Natalia-Auditore

The Sims 4 Action Movie Animation Pack by FlowersSimFactory

Magic Spell Fight by Steven Studios

Sims 4 Animation Pack #1 | Karma is a b*tch Challenge by ConceptDesign97

Ink/Smoke Background Video by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay 

Uninvited Guest by Gaming Tweety

Canary Cry by FlowersSimFactory

Hawt Kiss by FlowersSimFactory

Hello Kiss by Mia Animator

Intense Confrontation by FlowersSimFactory

Sims 4 Violin & Dance Animation Pose Pack by Gaming Tweety

Modern Eco Family Home by ashbatch16 on Sims 4 Gallery

Make stuff. Mess up. Have fun.