Site Update

Oh yes, my dears, this is a new site design you spot. Does that mean that the new story is nigh?


There are a few updates I still need to make, but feel free to poke around and get a feel for things.

But what about the story?

The Strauds is an Alternate Universe adventure, so while there are some fun callbacks to BBD, this is not the same world. There are no gods, and I cannot promise that Vlad has wings (although I can’t promise that he doesn’t not have wings).

Most important, though, is the mystery.

That’s right. The mystery. The characters in this story are brought together through a series of grisly crimes. Of course, you can follow along as our motley crew of misfits attempts to solve them. Or, you can keep your eyes peeled and put the clues together yourself…

I’ll be collecting your theories before I reveal the answers, and who knows, maybe there will even be a prize (self-satisfaction?).

Anyways, stay tuned. My plan is to post the first chapter on January 9 and then release new chapters every two weeks after that.

Hope you all had a safe and lovely holiday! Catch me lurking on your stories while I try to dissociate from moving and managing home renovation projects<3

  • Snow ~
    Dec 26, 2021

    This new minimal black/grey look is so so nice! I love it < 3

    • feroshgirl
      Dec 26, 2021

      Thank you! Haha I wanted to keep it simple (for once in my life). I’m always peeping other blogs and there are a few with the dark background that I love so I copied πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      • Snow ~
        Dec 26, 2021

        Honestly dark black/grey BG with white writing is my favourite thing, I love minimal stuff so much. I’m also looking forward to seeing what you do with the new story ^u^ It’ll be interesting to see how things are without the gods around.

      • feroshgirl
        Dec 26, 2021

        Gah! Me too! It’s easier on my eyes. And stay tuned, there are no gods but there are some familiar faces and plenty of supernatural drama. Though I gotta say, working within the lore of the game just makes me wish the Magic Realm was bigger!

  • Yimiki
    Dec 27, 2021

    Yasss I’m looking forward to this one! The new site design looks great 😁 I love the character page!

    • feroshgirl
      Dec 28, 2021

      Yay! Thank you! Haha you should see the size of my cc folder now!

  • Dolly Llama
    Dec 31, 2021

    HYPE HYPE HYPE!!! The new site is lit. Ugh, not only is there so much going on in my main stories I have to stop myself from veering off the edge and messing around in an AU, but now I’m banging on the table for The Strauds while other people bang on the table for me to stop stalling & finish my own darn stuff.

    Point is, this is a great idea, the site is super fancy (Penny!!! Did you sell your soul for that glamour shot?), and welcome back.

    (My prediction for the mystery: rabbit did it)

    • feroshgirl
      Jan 2, 2022

      AHHH! THANK YOU! Hahaha, listen, we all know rabbits are guilty, and frankly, if I could look like that in my glamour shot, I’d sell my soul too!

      (I think stalling on your own stuff to read other people’s stuff is a hallmark of simlit lol)

  • Ninja Pink Sex
    Mar 29, 2022

    Cool update I like the use of gifs, gives it a personal touch- Like I’m having a (texting) convo with a friend πŸ’•

    • feroshgirl
      Mar 30, 2022

      Thank you! Haha, the temptation I have to use gifs in everything I write is far too strong!

      (also I counseled myself that I was swamped with simlits and behind on a chapter and then you lured me in with rockabilly fashion and now I’m ready for DJ’s world!)

  • Ninja Pink Sex
    Mar 31, 2022

    Hahaha I would love to see a sim story with gifs throughout. There should be a simlit challenge where you use gifs instead of sim photos :p

    Thank you for adding me to your list of reads! <3 Unfortunately, there is a serious lack of Rockabilly fashion in my stories, but if I have to strap kitten-heels on DJ's feet and victory rolls on her head to get you to stay… I. will. πŸ˜›

    • feroshgirl
      Apr 1, 2022

      YAS love a kitten heel πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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