Tag: Anastasia loves Penny

Chapter 10: Werewolves Are Heartbreakers

Caleb continues investigating with Bella but keeps her in the dark while he pays a visit to his sister. After landing in the hospital, Penny grows suspicious about her wolfiness, and Anastasia pays a visit to a well-known werewolf pack.

Chapter 9: First Date(s)

Bella and Caleb question the Calientes and learn about Nina’s “Zest” for life. Penny wakes up in Del Sol Valley Condo, surrounded by claw marks. Anastasia tries to be vulnerable and share her true self in a totally calm, totally normal way.

Chapter 7: Chill

Bella chases down two leads: one driven by the full moon and the other by a chauffeur. Caleb and Akira discover their crime scene is more extensive than they thought. Vlad and Alice go for double or nothing, and Anastasia puts on a happy face.