Tag: Caleb and Akira Adventure

Chapter 18: Case Closed

Akira and Caleb solve one case, which only leads to Darrel Charm being the worst, too much gnome's brew, and a visit with the Queen of the Fae. Also, bard fight 2022.

Chapter 7: Chill

Bella chases down two leads: one driven by the full moon and the other by a chauffeur. Caleb and Akira discover their crime scene is more extensive than they thought. Vlad and Alice go for double or nothing, and Anastasia puts on a happy face.

Chapter 3: The Wolves Rush In

Vlad pines over Alice. Caleb and Akira question their suspect's friends with the help of a few arrows. Penny shoots her shot and heads out to investigate with Bella Goth while a werewolf is loose in San Myshuno.