Tag: Vladislaus Straud

Chapter 13: Academic Blues

Parental guilt drives Vlad to an academic conference, where he runs into an ex. Alice has concerns about her new babysitters and unwittingly reveals one of her secrets during a late-night phone call.

Chapter 7: Chill

Bella chases down two leads: one driven by the full moon and the other by a chauffeur. Caleb and Akira discover their crime scene is more extensive than they thought. Vlad and Alice go for double or nothing, and Anastasia puts on a happy face.

Chapter 6: A Hot Mess

A smoking corpse gives Bella and Deacon trouble, and they question Alice’s slacker ex to get to the bottom of it. Meanwhile, Alice and Vlad go hiking and deal with some Salim-shaped insecurities. A forensics tech brings a surprising discovery about Eliza’s crime scene.