Underworld Family Values

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Welcome to the Underworld.

In This House, We Behead Our Enemies.

When Phobos and the God of Death settle their family into the Underworld, they grapple with inner demons, warring gods, and home renovations. Everyone is evolving, but into what? And it will save the worlds or destroy them? This story features adult language, adult situations, sex, and violence.

The Story

Alice Martin is the newly ascended God of Death, haunted by past mistakes and trying to get her life together. Of course, with an Underworld in shambles, the Reaper’s union threatening a strike, and her enemies plotting to thwart her at every turn, it ain’t easy. Add to that pregnancy, a relationship with the living embodiment of Fear Itself, and a precocious nine-year-old kid with the power to upend the hierarchy of the gods, and Alice has her work cut out for her. 

Vladislaus Straud tragically lost his first family when he became Phobos (Fear Itself), but now he’s enjoying life as a stay-at-home dad to nine-year-old Gwendolyn. Between tea parties, sword-fighting lessons, and a certain surly skeleton maid, Vlad has plenty to keep his mind busy…and off the ravening hunger for destruction growing inside him. Fear may be a father, but his primordial nature calls.

When a vicious attack exposes a liability in Vlad’s power, the Martin-Strauds are forced to grapple with inner demons, overpowered gods, and an enemy they’ve never seen before. And they’ll do it all while managing a home renovation project that could determine the fate of the worlds.

Can you ignore your in-law’s parenting suggestions? Is Vlad’s aesthetic cottage-core or just hoarding?

Central to this wildly careening adventure:

  • William Redding and Morgyn Ember attempting to navigate their new relationship with all the finesse you’d expect from two beings who haven’t dated in centuries.
  • Penny Pizzazz trapped in a binding spell with the physical manifestation of Transmutation magic and his hair-raising plans for tearing apart the fabric of reality.
  • Akira and his sister Titania holed up in Sulani with her dead husband’s mistress (who just so happens to be Caleb Vatore’s long-lost sister).
  • Caleb Vatore testing out life as a beach bum and testing the patience of his zombie BFF and mermaid lover.
  • Mikel and Miss Hell clinging to life in a damaged rocketship hurtling through space. 
  • And Miko Ojo using her powers of emotional manipulation to finally live her dreams.

Everyone’s evolving, but into what? And will it save the worlds or destroy them?


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go down the rabbit hole.

idiom. To enter into a situation or begin a process or journey that is particularly strange, problematic, difficult, complex, or chaotic, especially one that becomes increasingly so as it develops or unfolds.